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Response to 'Is There an "Ultra-Reality" to be Realised to Be a "Super-Buddha"?'

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      Response to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheDailyEnlightenment/message/598

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      'Is There an "Ultra-Reality" to be Realised to Be a "Super-Buddha"?'


      Comments: To say that "Even if there is a need to be a "super-Buddha", becoming a Buddha would be part of this process." is not to understand the story of a mad person. One day after, he looked into the mirror and says the man in the mirror has his head instead of him. He runs around  the market place asking passers-by if they have seen his head. Some laugh and say he is mad, while some tell him his head is on his neck. [This story reminds us that Buddha-nature is already present in all.] Thus, to say there is a super-Buddha is misleading.

      Doubt can hinder the path of enlightenment. [Deluded] Perception is one of the five aggregates [for the unenlightened]. The Buddha represents the truth which can only be comprehended through one pointed contemplation.

      Reply: Actually, the article does not propose the existence of “super-Buddha” at all. By “super-Buddha” (if it exists rhetorically), the article was referring to a superior state of deemed beyond being a Buddha. Thus, the line, “
      Even if there is a need to be a "super-Buddha", becoming a Buddha would be part of this process.” refers to the idea that it is pointless to speculate about the existence of a state (super-Buddhahood) beyond Buddhahood, since even if there is such a thing as super-Buddhahood, surely, still, attaining Buddhahood would be part of the process towards attaining it. Thus, one should just cease speculation on "super-Buddhahood" and focus on attaining Buddhahood in a down to earth way. In any case in this moment, the idea of “super-Buddhahood” is not relevant to us.

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