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Spiritual Suicidal Thoughts

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  • NamoAmituofo
    Spiritual Suicidal Thoughts The only legitimate spiritual suicide is to kill... The raging demon snarling within my inner hell realm The salivating spirit
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2002
      Spiritual Suicidal Thoughts

      The only legitimate spiritual suicide is
      to kill...

      The raging demon snarling within my inner hell realm
      The salivating spirit craving within my inner hungry ghost realm
      The foolish beast slouching within my inner animal realm
      The jealous warrior hissing within my inner asura realm
      The complacent deva lazing within my inner god realm

      To kill
      this spiritually undiligent human hiding these formless forms within,
      to be reborn here and now,
      with the Bodhicitta aspiration for Buddhahood.

      To cleanse myself of all forms,
      of all illusory selves, lakshanas,
      of all my samsaric manifestations...
      caking my true and precious innermost indestructible unborn diamond nature-
      Buddha Nature.

      "If a bodhisattva has lakshana of self,
      lakshana of human beings,
      lakshana of sentient beings,
      or lakshana of a soul,
      then he is not a bodhisattva."
      Thus uttered the Buddha,
      in the Diamond Sutra,

      "If you can see that all lakshanas are not lakshanas,
      then you will see the Tathagata."
      Thus uttered Master Chih Yi,
      who said that is the essence of the Diamond Sutra.

      With the only legitimate spiritual suicide,
      all Buddhas are born.
      What are you waiting for?
      Start killing your "self" !

      [Lakshana (Xiang4): Mark, Sign, Characteristic (of self-nature)]

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