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The Stars Shine For You

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  • NamoAmituofo
    The Stars Shine For You - An Existential Poem Inspired by Yellow ... Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you, And everything you do, Yeah, they
    Message 1 of 2 , May 12, 2001
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      'The Stars Shine For You'
      - An Existential Poem Inspired by 'Yellow'


      "Look at the stars,
       Look how they shine for you,
      And everything you do,
       Yeah, they were all yellow.
       I came along,
       I wrote a song for you,
      And all the things you do,
       And it was called 'Yellow.' ..."

      Song: Yellow (See rest of lyrics @ http://www.purelyrics.com/index.php?album_detail=977 )
                             (See the interesting MTV @ http://www.coldplay.com/discography/yellow.htm

      Album: Parachutes (2000)
      Band: Coldplay (

      Coldplay won one of their 3 Grammy nominations on 28.02.2002.
      Coldplay's Parachutes won in (to give it it's full title)-
      Field 4, Category 22 Best Alternative Music Album - for solos, duos or groups, vocal or instrumental.

      Look how the stars shine for you,
      See how they shine on you.
      Some burn brightly for you.
      Some burn gently for you.
      Some burn out, die for you.
      Some burst into life for you.

      They shine for everything you do.
      For me, he and she too.
      You deserve the stars,
      whoever wherever you are.
      Love them or loathe them,
      they are just them being them.
      Of your karma, before your eyes they are served,
      just as everything else you see, you deserve,
      down to the very smallest details,
      to the stars too your deserts entail.

      All we experience we deserve,
      from this poem to this Earth.
      Everything we experience we choose,
      and everything we experience we chosed-
      Everything we see
      and everything we do not see.
      Everything we hear
      and everything we do not hear.
      Everything we smell
      and everything we do not smell.
      Everything we taste
      and everything we do not taste.
      Everything we feel
      and everything we do not feel.
      Everything we think
      and everything we do not think.

      There are those who never notice the stars,
      who never wondered what they are,
      they are those for whom the stars do not shine,
      as though day is darkness before blinded eyes.

      Because the stars do not exist for anyone,
      the stars exist for everyone,
      whether appreciated or not,
      in a web of interdependence, an infinite knot.

      Knowing the stars shine for you at night,
      do you crave to see them every night?
      Or do you crave to never catch sight?
      Or do you just see if you see,
      with an equanimous mind- just see when you see?
      Whatever you choose, they shine on for you.
      as long as you are attached to a "you",
      to a "you" separate from the stars,
      and to the other wonders of the universe that are.

      The universe exist for thee,
      as much as it does for me,
      but of the universe are we,
      we are the world you see.
      The universe exists because of the universe.
      The universe exists for the universe.
      This universe is a uni verse,
      just as this verse is a uni verse.

      Coldplay wrote 'Yellow' for you.
      I wrote this poem on 'Yellow' for you.
      I wrote this poem "The Stars Shine For You" for you.
      Yes, especially for you, you and you.
      It is for you because it is for whom it may concern.
      It is for you because you are concerned,
      or you would not had read this far,
      or you would not had noticed the stars,
      or you would not had wondered about these words,
      and all that there are.


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