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[SLT] Basic Buddhism Course

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  • NamoAmituofo
    (Or visit http://www.basicbuddhism.org/index.cfm?GPID=5 ) Basic Buddhism Course (BBC) When : Every Saturday from 20 Jan 2007 Time : 9am - 11am Instructor :
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      (Or visit http://www.basicbuddhism.org/index.cfm?GPID=5 )

      Basic Buddhism Course (BBC)

      New BBC Cover


      Every Saturday from 20 Jan 2007


      9am - 11am


      Richard (Vajiro) Chia


      Ven. Rathanasara

      Where:Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple,
      30-C St. Michael's Road, Singapore 328002 
      How to get t here?]
      Registration:Online Registration


      The Basic Buddhism Course is specially designed and tailored to suit the fast-paced and modern lifestyle.

      This 20-lesson-course skillfully balances theoretical study of DHAMMA with MEDITATION practice, providing a strong basis for understanding of BUDDHA'S TEACHINGS and a good foundation for mental development. It will greatly benefit both beginners as well as long-time practitioners.

      The course consists of three sections, namely BUDDHIST FUNDAMENTALS, MEDITATION and PALI CHANTING

      Buddhist Fundamentals

      The Buddhist fundamentals are structured to provide in-depth, intellectual framework for the understanding of the essentials of the BUDDHA'S TEACHINGS.

      Topics covered include:

      The definition of Evil, Good & Pure
      Life of the Buddha
      Four Noble Truths
      Noble Eight-Fold Path
      Dependent Origination
      Four Foundations of Mindfulness
      Karma & Rebirth

      as well as studying of major SUTTAS.


      Inclusive in the course are MEDITATION training sessions. Step-by-step meditation instructions & guidance will be given during the training. The techniques taught are:

      Metta - Loving Kindness
      Kayagati - Impurities of Body
      Jhana - Concentration
      Vipassana - Insight
      Pali Chanting

      Pali Chanting includes homage to the Buddha, Dharma & Sangha, offering (puja), as well as the traditional suttas: Mangala Sutta, Ratana Sutta, and Metta Sutta.

      The Course Instructor

      The course instructor, Richard (Vajiro) Chia, is an experienced Dhamma teacher who has a clear and straightforward approach to Buddha's teachings. He is able to bring out dynamism of Buddhism, and its relevance in present day.

      Vajiro is also well-known for his effective and efficient meditation instructions, having guided many through the levels of concentration and stages of insight knowledge. His coaching method has helped many students to REALISE the teachings of the Buddha.

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