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Response to "If It's Your Karma To Be Helped Somehow, Why Should I Help You?"

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      Response to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheDailyEnlightenment/message/541
      Response to "If It's Your Karma To Be Helped Somehow, Why Should I Help You?"

      BH: Hi, regarding this article, I always wonder the vice versa. If it's your karma to suffer, and if a person inflicts it on you, wouldn't it cause him to accumulate negative karma?
      SS: Yes, if he wilfully does it out of his own free will, he does accumulate negative karma - even though his harming turns out to be an avenue through which your own negative karma ripens. He doesn't need to be the voluntary instrument which your negative karma bear fruits, though he might accidentally be, in the case of which, there is no ill intention and thus no negative karma created.
      BH: But then, I know karma is too deep for us to really understand fully how it works. What I know is you will never escape from whatever you have done, whether it's good or bad.
      SS: The only way to so-called "escape" negative karma is to repent and create much more positive karma, so as to dilute the experienced effects of nagative karma.
      BH: I also have another question, I try to be self-contented so that I will be happy, and I indeed feel so. But I realised that I am easily strayed, especially when I feel I am short-changed by others. I wonder if I should continue to be so self-contented with the present and allow others to exploit me. It's very contradicting - sometimes it's like when you are too contented, you will not progress. How to balance it?
      SS: You can see this problem this way - if you let others short-change you all the time, you are letting them create negative karma all the time. From this compassionate motivation, why not speak up gently against being exploited? Doing so is part of spiritual progress against contentment that becomes complacency.

      - A TDE Reader + Shen Shi'an

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