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810Response to "Waking & Sleeping, Living & Dying"

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  • NamoAmituofo
    Oct 6, 2005
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      Response to "Waking & Sleeping, Living & Dying"

      Hello. Good day.

      Craving... Craving for what... for people and material items in this Saha World (Samsara)? Or do we crave for "things" that are out of the Saha World? Technically speaking, neither is "good". As long as the desire to having exists in one's very mind, one risks being reborn. That said, of course, one has to constantly be mindful of the Buddha and his teachings. Then again, one should not fall into the trap of thinking that "I am in possession of a priceless teaching." Kind of abstract but it literally means "having and yet not to have; and not to have is actually having in full possession." True having needs not cling.

      If tomorrow, Amitabha Buddha comes and tell me that my lifespan is up, should I go to Pureland or are there things that I think, I haven't settled, thus bargaining with Amitabha to come later...?

      Have a nice day ahead... Amitabha...
      Regards... JeeMeng