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610The In/equality of Karma

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  • NamoAmituofo
    Mar 29, 2005
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      For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com
      The In/equality of Karma

      Life is currently not "equal" for all
      as we are unequal to each other,
      with our different personal karma,
      though we have the same equally perfect Buddha-nature.
      Yet life actively "equalises" all
      through the universal law of karma,
      through its natural impartial "rewarding",
      through its constant working.

      The ultimate goal of the Buddhas
      is to urge us all to become truly equal
      by becoming equally perfect Buddhas,
      by relinquishing all causes of inequality.

      Our inequality can be equalised,
      by creating perfect wholesome karma (pure merit),
      which overrides our unwholesome karma,
      which differentiates us from each other.
      (This is the accumulation of merit)

      For all to seen as truly equal,
      we must realise the mechanics and emptiness of karma,
      to step beyond the reach of karma,
      to realise our Buddha-nature.
      (This is the accumulation of wisdom)

      This is why the path to Buddhahood
      is the perfection of
      the accumulation of merit and wisdom -
      nothing more, nothing less.

      -Shen Shi'an (pic:utk.edu)