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588An Eternity of Bliss in a Moment

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  • NamoAmituofo
    Mar 13, 2005
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      An Eternity of Bliss in a Moment

      If we knew in the next moment someone we love would no longer be with us,
      how would we embrace this moment?
      Would we give ourselves, permission to be fully alive in this moment?

      To have the heart and mind to really feel,
      appreciate and value one another, with intensity and passion.

      To feel completeness in a hug,
      to let a child's eyes and smile give your heartstrings a little tug.

      To really feel, the fun,
      in singing the Barney song with your (grand)children.

      To sing, on high, to ring the bell,
      not to judge or condemn your brothers or sisters, to hell.

      For taking the high road of love with meaning and fairplay,
      your reward is in the now, enjoy it today!

      Even if there was no life after death,
      we could find completeness in each moment and in each breath.

      "In time all things seek completion,
       but in the now all things are complete!"

      -drhugabunch[at]yahoo.com (pic:metaforum.it)