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281Re: [zeph] What happens after death

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  • David Leong
    Dec 2, 2003
      What or who could possibly know & share what his or her next moment will be like or will be happening? For me, honestly I don't know, nor I can possibly think of anything to share with you all here. May be there are some kind guiding-moonpointers here can do a better job lah! 
      However, in our daily practical life, it is permanently continuity of fresh arising depending upon orgin (meaning conditional factors) happening one after another... this keeps on & on & on... this can be experienced or realised during proper meditation in our so called existing life-span right here on earth. As such, if we believe or confident rather the mind is also energy-conservation like scientists' do, then the mind should be carrying forward somewhere in the universal after our body death in another form. What that mind will be after the body death, I believe it is under the spontaneously instant conditions of mind at that moment. Of course cause & effect principle play important role here. When this is becoming clearer & clearer (wisdom) ..... death is thus gradually becoming meaningless in the process of our mind purification. Well, do we or are we talking the same topic of deathness thing to common people & the wise wholeman? 
      I believe the moment we decide or chose to try to communicate with those death ones, we incidently fall into another form of basic trap of attachment again. Isn't this the basic religion-root since ancient time? Isn't this still clinging the unknown or future while simply forgetting or neglecting the present moment that we all have? Even the moment is already gone spontaneously the moment we say, right? So what or who are we? And what & who do we have around or after death? Is my body me or belonging to me? I am listening, SIRS! THANKS~~~
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      Subject: [zeph] What happens after death

      Can any one share on whatever you know on " what happens after death"?
      Is there any way I can communicate with the beloved one who have
      passed away?

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