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280Re: [zeph] What happens after death

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  • bob knab
    Dec 2, 2003
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      2 a broken heart i wrote this some time ago on a rainy day looking out the window
      its not what u r looking 4 -but it is a answer - in no way do u have 2 like this poem --------- mebob


      Life is funny

      Life is strange

      Ring the bell

      Ding in the new

      Dong out the old

      Pay the toiler

      Getting older.

      I once had a puppy

      He got run over

      Now that’s all over

      Getting older.

      All my friends have died

      At least they’re buried outside

      There’s no odor

      Getting older.

      When I die Will I know it?

      Maybe I’ll get a bill.

      Funny and strange

      Looks like rain

      With each new life death is born

      Thanks for the invitation

      Some vacation

      Getting older

      But not for long

      It’s beginning to rain

      Funny and strange ______boK________ BLESSINGS

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      Date: Tuesday, December 02, 2003 6:38 PM
      Subject: [zeph] What happens after death

      Can any one share on whatever you know on " what happens after death"?
      Is there any way I can communicate with the beloved one who have
      passed away?

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