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172Evolution of a Breakup / A Better Today / Where Do We Go From Here

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  • NamoAmituofo
    Jun 8 8:28 PM
      From: "Omnijoe" <omnijoe@...>

      Evolution of a Breakup (...or Part I)

      I released Happiness, to her lower self.
      In my mind, were the lies.
      But why am I thinking of those lies?

      I am innocent.
      But so are we all.
      Even when we are lying.
      I needed to know,
      To empathise,
      And the helper is the helped.
      And the devil is the angel in disguise.
      You are not worth it because of your lies,
      But then, lies can be forgiven.
      In our fraility, we fail to see, the truth we live,
      are the lies we tell ourselves.
      We live with what we know.
      And ignore the rest.
      It's all a game really.
      When we refuse to play,
      It's delusion compounded.
      You can be forgiven,
      Because we share the same ideals.
      The pity is just that you are not willing,
      To share the quest with me.
      But that is your loss.
      Love shared is love twiced.
      Distrust shared multiplies.
      You used me.
      I knew that.
      Did you?
      Or did you rationalise?
      Well, thank you for telling me how I loved to be used,
      In order to fulfil a need I have.
      I used you.
      So we're even.

      If we knew everything,
      What are we here for?
      Light throws shadows on reliefs.
      So that we can see.
      We each carry our own lamps,
      And on each other shine,
      If we walked together some time.
      Thank you for your light,
      So that I could see myself better.
      I think you did not suffer as much as I did.
      But that's your problem.
      Who's to compare,
      When your walls crack?
      Does it give me a sense of selfish glee?
      Oh Lord, yes, and I have sinned.
      So did I love you or didn't I?
      I can see my selfishness,
      Selfishness shared is selfishness compounded,
      That's why we didn't last.
      I can see my strife,
      Strife shared is war compounded,
      How could we survive?
      I can see my expectations,
      Expectations shared gives a headache.
      Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.
      I can see my restrained love,
      Restrained whatever shared is strangulation - the tap is dry,
      Well, what's there more to say?
      So wanna try my new recipe?
      It's called unrestrained love.
      I let you go.
      You let me go.
      Let's share that and see what happens.
      I compete with you to give you first without asking back,
      Let's see who wins.
      Boy, that would be a sight.
      Because of you, 
      Your light you shine on me,
      I find my faults,
      I evolve.
      And being better because of that,
      I forgive and thank you.
      But if I wait for you to pull me up,
      I am lost.
      Because you can't.
      I cannot pull you up.
      Even if I am evolved.
      I cannot tell what's not willing to stand up, to get up.
      I can only point the way.
      And leave you to your lies...
      A Better Today (...or Part II)

      I released Happiness, to her higher self.
      And I wish her well.
      You are worth it because of whatever lies you tell.
      I am willing to share the quest with you.
      And hope we reap the lessons well.
      I think you would suffer worse than I,
      Should you remain blind.
      In this, I grief and sympathise.
      Imagine how much worse it is for me if it were I?

      Because of you,
      I thank myself.
      Because of me,
      I thank you.
      I don't hate you.
      How could I?
      Where Do We Go From Here (...or Part III)

      "Can we demand unconditional love,
      Or give it?"
      This is my (your) gift to you (I).
      Hope you (I) learn this lesson well.
      Implicit, and explicit.
      Oneness, demystified.
      We give everything to everything.
      We recieve everything from everything.
      And give nothing to nothing.
      And recieve nothing from nothing.
      Because there is no You Nor I.

      Perfect mirroring.
      Is perfect light.
      Uniqueness unified.
      Then there is only gratitude in life.