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1178Response (2) to 'What Keeps Us From Greatness?'

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  • NamoAmituofo
    Dec 25, 2007

      Response to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheDailyEnlightenment/message/599

      Response (2) to 'What Keeps Us From Greatness?'


      J: s it our vanity and our ever making minds that has led us to the state of the world we are in to day?

      (S)hi'an: Indeed so!


      J: So to let go of our vanity and stop our ever making minds and just be in this moment practicing to gain perfection of wisdom, unconditional love and compassion; is this perfection of the highest Buddha-hood?

      S: It wouldn’t be instantaneous in this moment though. That’s why it takes practice.


      J: With ever changing situations, there is always new wisdom to be gained.  So to have perfection; would be in the practicing to gain the perfection?

      S: The wisdom needed is always the same, while the amount of knowledge about changing situations is endless. If there is always new wisdom to gain, Buddhahood will never be attained, as it will always fall short of perfecting wisdom. With adequate wisdom, we will know what to do with knowledge and how much of it to acquire.


      J: Why all this making?  why all this checking?  Too complicated. Only be Just like this here and now practicing Wisdom, Unconditional Love and Compassion, simple.  All of the teaching bring us to Simple. Love John

      S: Make – peace. Check – against errors. Not complicated; just necessary… till we all become peace itself, and without any errors.

      J: When one is in the moment with empty mind, then all drama is empty, and all situations become clear on what to do or not to do.  Would this be perfection of wisdom? 

      S: It is not perfection of wisdom yet – if one is not yet doing that which the Buddha did – living perfectly for all beings, sharing perfect wisdom and compassion. 

      I say yes, but with open mind.  The practice is keeping empty (not making) mind.  Not making takes lots of practice, and I just keep trying.

      S: Yes, thus the phrase “practice makes perfect”!

      J: Being in each and every moment, is to have peace. I know that I'm having an operation for cancer on Jan. 14 08, but I do not worry about that, I just live in this moment, the next to the next and take care of each situation as it comes, and that gives peace.

      S: Yes, doing what is needed in the moment is wisdom. A cancer of the body should not lead to cancer of the mind. A healthy mind helps to keep the body healthy too. May the operation be a success!

      J: Thanks and many "Kwan Seum Bosal" to you and yours and all beings.