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  • NamoAmituofo
    Mar 31, 2002
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      Hello frens,

      Something to share :-]



      The truth is a powerful thing-
      so powerful that it can heal,
      create Buddhas by the total realisation of it.
      So powerful that it can kill,
      create hell
      for those unable to accept it, who fight against it.

      But the naked innocent truth has neither the intention to heal or destroy,
      just as the sun shines neither to scorch or warm life.
      The truth just is.
      And the whole drama of life and death prances around it,
      like a child craving the warmth of fire,
      nearing it,
      yet fearing getting burnt.
      I'd always been a protector of truth best I can-
      I fight for it, stand by it, live by it, sometimes willing to die for it.

      True, it's truth too...
      that I sometimes mistaken the false, the deluded as truth,
      and fight for the wrong cause.
      But true is it too, that the moment I know this,
      I turn around to seek, to face, the truth instead.
      Maybe I struggle too hard to help others see the reality I think I see.
      Maybe I want Pureland, paradise right here right now too fast.
      Maybe I can't bear to see wrongs unrighted.
      Maybe it's compassion mixed with hatred.
      Maybe the reality I think I see is in truth my illusion.
      But maybe too is my "illusion" the truth.
      Maybe that aplies to everyone else too.
      I guess we are all deluded, blind to different extents,
      to different things at different times.
      Maybe only time will tell,
      only when we become enlightened.

      None of us should ever stop seeking, telling the truth.
      But what if it hurts, what if truth hurts?
      Break it to the world gently then,
      slowly maybe, but surely.
      But please tell it to me in anyway you please-
      I want to face the music, face the truth.
      Give me a harsh scolding- wake me up-
      I think I need that.
      And please give me a sign if you do not want the truth from me.
      What is plain truth to me might be harsh reality to you, and vice versa.
      Yes, that's the truth.
      I speak the truth never with the intention to hurt, but to heal...
      but sometimes I do not know I hurt you instead.
      And it hurts me to know it hurts you,
      hurts me when you do not let me know it hurts you so.

      Let us all be brave then,
      to seek the truth,
      to face the truth,
      to uphold the truth,
      to share the truth.
      For a life, a world without truth
      is but a universe, a dream, of delusion, illusion and lies.
      Yes, that's the truth.