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103620 Sayings on Environmentalism

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  • NamoAmituofo
    Nov 30, 2006

      For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com

      20 Sayings on Environmentalism

      The state of your environment
      is the state of your karma.
      Please take good care of it.

      If we do not take care of the world,
      who will?

      To recycle is
      to let your blessings be reborn.

      To reduce wastage
      is to save your blessings.

      To care for your world now
      is to take care of your children's future world.

      The well-being of the world
      depends on you,
      you and you.

      To care for the Earth
      is to practise universal compassion.

      What anyone does anywhere
      affects everyone everywhere,
      in one way or another.*

      With our actions, we will be reborn into a world we deserve,
      What world do you prefer?

      What is this world coming to?
      You decide.

      May we all connect with the truth
      that we are all interconnected.

      In the interdependent web of life,
      every strand is as important as another.

      When we take the Earth for granted,
      we take our merits for granted.

      What you do not treasure,
      you gradually lose.

      Since we are the cause of the Earth's problems,
      we can effect the Earth's solutions.

      When the mind is pure,
      it makes the world pure.*

      Just as others' actions affect you,
      your actions affect the world.

      If you are not part of the solution,
      you are usually part of the problem.*

      To have lasting effects on the world,
      make lasting efforts for the world.

      The Earth takes care of those
      who takes of the Earth.

      - by stonepeace
      (other than sayings with *)

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