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I'm home :)

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  • Zena F
    Good morning friends. I am home. What a beautiful wedding they had. It was like something from the movies. They are so much in love, it was wonderful to see.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2003
      Good morning friends. I am home. What a beautiful wedding
      they had. It was like something from the movies. They are
      so much in love, it was wonderful to see. They got married
      in the gardens of a resort and it was 72 degrees, perfect
      day. The reception was something else too and we ate so much
      food. Jessica caught the bouquet, she is so excited. I have
      tons of things to do now that we are home, but I wanted to send
      a small newsletter today. Give me a day or two and hopefully
      I will catch back up. Also I want to say Happy Birthday to
      my sister. Happy Birthday Deb I love you. I hope you all have
      a great day.

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