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  • Wendy Nakao
    Good morning! I enjoyed this delightful email -- thank you, FM, and all of the GG for your diligent and passionate efforts on the grounds... and for taking
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2010
      Good morning!

      I enjoyed this delightful email -- thank you, FM, and all of the GG for your diligent and passionate efforts on the grounds... and for taking care of this important part of the Mandala.

      from the gardener on the north side

      On Feb 1, 2010, at 5:48 AM, dthores@... wrote:


      Dear Grounds Group...
         The wake up is for me, communicating to you!   I think we discussed meeting in January but this became lost. January is set aside for the center participants to refocus and rejuvenate after our Ango practice,so for me pushing a meeting in January was not a priority.  Now that we have moved into February, it is a good time for the Grounds Group to step up their planning for the Spring and while the weather has its way we can do some real planning.

         Today the Feng-Shui group met for its final meeting and we reviewed the topics that have been identified. The Grounds Group will carry an important part of the implementing of the F-S report. Fortunately several members of the G-G have been part of this development, and I want to express my deep appreciation for this.

      Please  look for a date in Feb  or at the latest the beginning of March. I will be in Seattle from March 11-16 and flying some before and after, which makes this a tight time. Just send in your times and dates.......

      Our meeting Purpose is:
       * To identify and acknowledge the F-S group meeting results
       * To review current and future Projects for the Center.
           * to prioritize the projects within our preview....we need some help here....
       *To develop and establish Zen Center Samu Garden Days:  how to and when to. I am part of the Day Group so I have some insights....
       * We need to develop our Mission/Vision statement

      We established a section of the gardens today for a Free Area for Planting; the Brown Green Group will begin a "Salad" garden. The area is on the left side of the walkway outside the interview rooms; this will be a Wild Space for Sunflowers and various seasonal veggies as it gets some good sun and Roshi"s Sun Flowers love the space and also the veggies etc have been enjoyed by the Sangha and the Neighbors.    

      Jotai, Mugen and Faith-Mind met for the beginning plans of the Pundarika Courtyard. 
          We will begin by removing many plants and developing a courtyard area....the residents will be brought into this.

      *I am in the process of measuring the gardens that we plan to bring in 3/4 in rock to serve as ground cover. ( Irolo side)  I also want to include the Flag Stone for the Pundarika Courtyard as there is a delivery charge and it seems financially best to combine these. This rock cover will be a timing thing; delivery, where to drop off and then because our limited space and the area it will probably block off some parking areas, so it will have to be completed quickly. Koan and others have been diligent in preparing the areas, but this will entail a very coordinated effort and will take some planning (my job) but this has been the slowdown. We have some important preparations for that area before all of this can come together.

      * Lynda has been an incredible force at the Nilotpala grounds area, and beyond. She is dealing with many family issues but continues to try and develop a Practice based space at the Nilotpala. There are many difficulties over there but she continues to work through these and I want to thank her and appreciate her continued perseverance, Thank you Lynda.

      Please Give me your meeting dates; I have made myself available every weekend in Feb. 

      Take Care and Greetings from Your Ground Steward, Faith_Mind

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