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  • Lynda Golan
    Aug 12, 2010
      No i didn't and will have time to read it after the talk tonight. Thank you. Lynda

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      I am wondering if you all got this. fm

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      Dear Grounds Group,
        We left our last meeting requesting more meetings, and the truth is there has been less and less communication. I am responsible for this less and less. The grounds have been functioning and moving forward thanks to all of you hidden workers. Jotai working the numerous sprinkler timers and work in the Pundarika courtyard. Mugen and his “hidden” work;  weeding and planting and care of plants with a quiet and caring heart for our grounds. Yudo has trimmed and contributed but is not part of our group officially. Roberta has been diligently weeding for hours here and there as her time permits. Lynda  and her group have been working and planting in the Nilotpala, and there are problems there. Roshi continues to weed and garden in her free moments. Mary, our business Manager is sometimes viewed walking around with trimmers taking care for the center. Rich Cloud Forest comes most weeks and does heavy and very important trimming that not all of us are qualified to do; he has a great sense for trimming and opening.  We also have Luis and  day workers that I order around and they do contribute, though paid some, they really care for our center, or they would not work for us. Our gardener Jorge is special and he takes great pride in his work and will do anything I ask of him; he does a wonderful job and we should discuss his pay this year, I will need some guidance as to raises etc.
      Last year I put the Budget together myself, but this year I would like for us to do this as a group and have discussion. This will be in Oct.
      I would like to see if we could schedule a meeting this month. There are a few areas to address and much needed help, in particular the Irolo side. We also need to discuss some of the input for the Pundarika courtyard.
      My personal focus right now is to put some concentrated effort into the Nilotpala area. It is time to step in and give some concentrated effort. Lynda and her group have been working very hard to try and develop something in that area and we all need to begin to help out. I will be working in that area Fri 13th if anyone cares to join.
      We also have not formalized our statement and core values. Again, I have allowed this to pass.
      We also need to look at what kinds of sitting areas we can create around the center. I am against wood because of the watering on the grounds and the care taking of this. Could all of you do some research and come up with some ideas around sitting around the inner yards; what do you think?  Please do some research on these areas.
      My dates for meeting this month…  21st, after 1:30pm
                                              22  1:30pm
                                              29  1:30pm
      Lets see what can be done on any of these days. We need a 1hr meeting at least.  Please email any ideas around furniture for the inner yards and other ideas.
      Take care, Faith-Mind

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