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  • Wendy Nakao
    Jun 2, 2010
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      Welcome back, FM -- and big thanks to all the grounders who keep our wildlife refuge so beautiful! Bowing, Roshi

      On Jun 1, 2010, at 8:44 PM, dthores@... wrote:


      Thank you to everyone for your care of the grounds  during my absence. I have been on an incredible journey and return with great joy to return to our grounds. Also to thank all of you for your care taking of the grounds, even when I am around. Our grounds space is quite vast; I guess this is the very core of practice for me, vastness. The trick is not to overwhelm and you all help so much in this area. I was brought to tears with the state of the grounds when I returned, and the stories of those who stepped in.

      To begin, we will have the very diseased tree in the Pundarika courtyard removed; The plan is for this Saturday  June 5.... quite early, so sorry to those residents in that area, no sleeping in for you all, the time is between 7-9am.

      We will continue the changes in the P. courtyard and then our direction for the next few weeks will be on the inner yard to be ready for the Sangha App. event.
        When I get a bit more organized and immersed in zcla again I would like to get together with the grounds group and see where we are. I have been very passive in setting a meeting, and we will catch up. In the meantime, any and all input on sitting areas and the Kanzeon  space are are open for discussion. Please submit ideas and do not be disappointed if they are not implemented. The statue will soon get a bath and as per the instructions from the very Carver of her, we will treat her with a different formula than in the past.

      Again, I am returned and ask for all of your input and suggestions for our summer garden. Do we want the hammock back?

      take good care and a deep bow to all fo you, Faith-Mind