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  • Ty Webb
    Feb 2, 2010
      Wonderful note FM.  I

      On Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 7:47 PM, <dthores@...> wrote:

      Hi again,

      Progress made today. Armando and I worked in the Pundarika Courtyard. We have removed quite a lot, with much to go. Koan visited (poor guy) and we discussed the procedure for putting in the fountain. Armando and I put in a pad, as per Koans instructions for the fountain, and I asked Koan to be the lead on setting this up and moving the fountain. The next step is  Koan will have Charles set up the electricity. This fountain will be similar to the one in front of the S-H; it will need to be kept full of water. There seems to be a lot of leaves around the courtyard so we will have to have the fountain as a Samu for someone. Karen expressed an interest today about fish etc and perhaps she and Lily might enjoy this.

      Armando and I had a wonderful day working together and beginning the recreation of this courtyard. I would encourage anyone who wants to weed, just sit and dig a bit and the weeds come out quite easily because of the rain. The dirt in the courtyard seems quite healthy, lots of worms and will support anything we want to grow that will work in this space.

      A word of caution from your Grounds Steward. We have a new Budget but it is not limitless. I am willing to get the area cleared out, the ground prepared, including flagstones and any sprinkler work, this was part of our budgeting...however the buying of plants will have to be somewhat restricted.

      I was excited with our beginning today and hope you will all join in the spirit. Perhaps the 2 Point People, Andy and Jotai for this courtyard could invite residents to join in right now, Just WEED!!!      Once we have it cleared out we can then look at planning.

      I fly the next 2 full days and we are expecting rain, but when possible Armando and I will continue with our clearing out. He is a treasure for us, I appreciate him so much, we pay him, but there is great heart and joy working with him.

      Take care, fm

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