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  • Mike Miller
    Sardar called FM radio & said I ve found a purse with Rs.15000/- a credit card & an ID card of Mr.Mani, No.13,Halls rd,kannur…. Radio jocky : How honest
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2011
      Sardar called FM radio & said
      "I've found a purse with Rs.15000/- a credit card & an ID card of
      Mr.Mani, No.13,Halls rd,kannur….
      Radio jocky : How honest ….so you want to return his purse…?
      Sardar : no……. i just wanted to dedicate a sad song for him…

      Father and Son were standing in front of the tiger's cage at the
      zoo. The father was explaining how ferocious and strong tigers are,
      and Son was taking it all in with a serious expression. "Dad,"
      Son said finally, "if the tiger got out of his cage and ate you up
      "Yes, son?" the father said expectantly.
      "What bus should I take home?"

      Santa was asked to write a sign board for the traffic near the school.
      He wrote"Drive carefully! Don't kill the students, wait for the teachers"

      prof:chemical symbol of Barium?
      prof:For sodium?
      prof:wat will we get if 1 atom of BA & 2 atom of NA combines?
      Santa:"BANANA ”
      teacher: Write the passive voice of " I made a mistake"
      Santa: " I was made by a mistake"

      Santa went to his Dad's Friend's home late night.
      Uncle offered him to Sleep in Baby's room.
      Santa refused because the Baby might Cry at Night and went to sleep
      in the drawing hall.
      Next morning he saw a Beautiful young Girl at the breakfast table,
      Santa : Who are you?
      The girl replied,"I am Baby and You??"
      Santa : I am a Stupid!!!

      A professor to Santa: "what is attention deficit hyperactive disorder?"
      professor: "i dont understand anything"
      Santa: "same 2 you"

      Santa: Dad, there is a small PTA meeting at school tomorrow…..
      Dad: Wat do u mean by a small PTA meeting ?
      Santa: its… just u, me & the Principal !

      Teacher: Write a C program to prevent TITANIC from sinking..
      Santa:Declare the variable TITANIC as float…!


      what is love?
      :: Love is someone breaks ur heart and the most amazing thing is that u stil love the person with each broken piece.

      words by a broken heart-
      plz don't turn back and face me one more time.
      bcoz i do not have one more heart to loose with ur smile.

      lines by a true lover-
      i do not fear to loose her.
      but, my fear is that...
      if i loose her, who will love her like me???

      Lastly, this message is 4 all the people who rejeceted love and broke so many hearts-

      the heart which you love ,may not know your love...
      but the heart which loves u, knows nothing other than love.....
      So love the love which truly loves you

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