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  • here is a link to a new you tube video from Rokuhan for a grade crossing set to be available in 3 configurations, Europe, Japan and North America can be single roadway or a dual roadway crossing ROKUHAN 踏切セット 製品紹介 Introduction of Rail crossing set which is being under development ROKUHAN 踏切セット 製品紹介 Introduction of Rail cros... ROKUHAN...
    garth.a.hamilton@... Mar 19
  • Estimated release in April MSRP US $179.95 Intermountain accepting reservations contact your Intermountain dealer regards Garth
    garth.a.hamilton@... Mar 16
  • Rokuhan has released their latest passenger train, type 25 JR East Elm, in blue in 3 versions 7 car basic set, 5 car set and a 2 car add on, the book case sleeve in the 7 and 5 car sets will hold 8 cars each. This sleeper train routinely runs to 17 or 18 cars in length from the videos I have seen on line. They are also accepting reservations for their 103 series commuter sets from...
    garth.a.hamilton@... Mar 9
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  • From where I sit I think to promote Z any convention has to be a add on to a large train show. It does not have to be part of the train show, but can be a two or three day affair prior to the show, but we need to have show participants so we are in front of public during train show, running clinics during the show takes people away for interacting with the public, In the show it...
    garth.a.hamilton@... Feb 24
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=000ucTLKxLM video showing new freight cars 4 wheel box care Wamu 6700 and 4 wheel open gondola Tora 4500 and new C11 can be seen in video these cars are due in March 2015 regards Garth Hamilton
    garth.a.hamilton@... Feb 17
  • a z canuck where are you loated I'm another canuck in Niagara Region regards Garth Hamilton
    garth.a.hamilton@... Feb 11
  • You can with a bit of work substitute a Rokuhan for a Marklin, and yes, they have the same geometry. The Rokuhan turnouts have the point motor and manual operator inside the road bed and there is a slight height difference between the heights of the rail on the two brands, but Rokuhan does have an adapter which makes it easier to connect flex or Marklin sectional track to roadbed...
    garth.a.hamilton@... Feb 11
  • R037 is the Rokuhan part number for the magnetic uncoupler for Micro Trains type couplers and was released in early 2013 regards Garth
    garth.a.hamilton@... Jan 30
  • AZL GP38-2 Z-Scale TCS Now Shipping: their new z scale decoder the AZL4 this drop in decoder replaces the light board regards Garth Hamilton
    garth.a.hamilton@... Jan 25
  • get your translator going for this announcement or use facebook http://www.rokuhan.com/news/2015/01/-c11.html Rokuhan Rokuhan Games/Toys View on www.facebook.com Preview by Yahoo
    garth.a.hamilton@... Jan 17