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  • 272780 is available on the auction site. The seller has it titled for 8108 set. Looking at explosion diagram for 8836, it is also a black hub and is the same part number. So, confirmed this is the right number. I don't have any in my stock and it is showing as NLA on Marklin's spare parts database. Frank Daniels z.scale.hobo
    zscalehobo@... Mar 24
  • English: http://www.mbz-modellbahnzubehoer.de/assets/plugindata/poola/Introduction%20Pigment%20Paint.pdf
    zscalehobo@... Mar 14
  • Check their website (in German) ... dump the text into Google translate: http://www.mbz-modellbahnzubehoer.de/assets/plugindata/poola/Anleitung%20Pigmente%20deutsch.pdf (opens pdf) ---In z_scale@^$1, wrote : I just received a couple of MBZ Thomas Oswald kits. I had completed a Faller watermill and Archistories cardstock kits. The nice thing about them is they pretty much come pre...
    zscalehobo@... Mar 14
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  • Anthony, It looks like you could do it with loconet, but you still have to come up with some sort of detection hardware. If you want to DCC Marklin steam, you might want to check out: http://www.trainboard.com/highball/index.php?threads/dcc-decoder-in-m%C3%A4rklin-pacific-mikado-steam.38786/ Mark
    zscalemark@... Feb 24
  • Anthony, In the DC world I've used the Marklin stall track and it works great. It seems to me that one can do the stall track in DCC as well. If I understand the hardware, something like NCE mini-panel could be used to detect the locomotive in the shed and command it to stop. Mark
    zscalemark@... Feb 24
  • Anthony, Let's look at this for a minute. The DCC signal is the same regardless of the direction of the locomotive. The signal on the stall side of the diode will be 1/2 the DCC signal. If that is enough to keep the locomotive moving, it goes out the back. If it's not enough, the locomotive will stall but will not reverse on leave under DCC control. Seems to me that leaving just...
    zscalemark@... Feb 23
  • Dom, Checkout: http://www.morop.org/fr/normes/nem302_f.pdf I think it's telling me 0.17 g/mm of body length but not more than 30% above the value. Mark
    zscalemark@... Feb 17
  • The NMRA has no "standard" just the recommended practice RP-20 which covers scales O through N. zscale.org suggests a simple scaling from the N scale value. The practice document is nearly 30 years old and manufacturing techniques...
    zscalemark@... Feb 17
  • I usually weight all my locomotives but I don't have all the details with me.What I do have is the original AZL GP7 at 28g to the MTL F7A at 62g. The MTL F7 has had at least 3 different weights over the years due to material and design changes. The AZL E9 and P42 are at 52 g. Other AZL GPs and MTL are about 30g. I'm not sure how much one can derive traction from weight since some...
    zscalemark@... Feb 16
  • Actually there as 2 FFs per IC (one chip per siding). My selection the 7474 is actually arbitrary: It is (was) easily available through Radio Shack and I happen to have a bunch in my parts drawers at the time. Depending on your needs and availability, there are number of TTL chips that would work including R-S flip flops, and bistable latches, the important feature is complementary...
    zscalemark@... Feb 15