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  • Here What is? I see nothing, no links, no pictures, no new text, Nothing ???? David ---In z_scale@^$1, wrote : Here it is.... Sent from my iPad
    dave.wolf64@... Jul 23, 2017
  • I had not read the specks on the Therm-O-flow green-type flux paste. I never knew their was a difference in flux types other than paste or liquid format. A friend gave it to me after i mentioned that I was having trouble with another project soldering a Micro Structures steel building together and it worked well for that. I just assumed Flux was the same for all solder. . I should...
    dave.wolf64@... Dec 10, 2016
  • I use a Weller 12 watt soldering pencil with a micro tip. For Flux I've bin trying something new to me anyway Therm O flow green-type Flux Paste that is water Soluble It seams to work pretty good so far. I use 0.015 diameter solder from radio shack 62/36/2 Silver-Bearing Solder Using Resistance Soldering on a Decoder or any Electronics is a bad idea. David
    dave.wolf64@... Dec 8, 2016
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  • Hi All Today I have to Bring you all some Very Sad News Glen Chenier passed away last Tuesday morning. His wife contacted me this morning to give me the bad news. She said that he had bin diagnosed with Small Cell Cancer and that it took him down very quickly. I spoke with him just a few days before Christmas and he said nothing to me about being ill or having cancer For those who...
    dave.wolf64@... Jan 14, 2016
  • I would not change unless their is a problem with the 3 pole. I've done a few and can tell you first hand. As has bin said swapping out the motors on some models is not easy and may require specialty tools such as a miniature gear puller. If it's running its not worth taking the chance of screwing it up unless you have to. Remember while 5 pole motors are available, most of the...
    dave.wolf64@... Nov 7, 2015
  • Yes "K Rails" and "Jersey Barriers" are the same thing. "Concrete K-Rail Barriers" BLMA Part # 8107 (12 per Pack) Try "Z Scale Monster Trains"
    David Wolf Sep 6, 2014
  • Try Model Train Stuff Z Scale Rolling Stock Storage & Display | ModelTrainStuf... Z Scale Rolling Stock Storage & Display to keep your model trains safe. View on www.modeltrainstuff.com Preview by Yahoo the sell both empty cases as well as some inserts David
    David Wolf Aug 3, 2014
  • Read through this thread on train board their is some good info there American Z Line AZL Mikado first impressions & DCC'd American Z Line AZL Mikado first impressions & DCC'd TrainBoard.com: Discussion forums and message boards for everything railroading. Featuring forums for specific railroads, all scales of model railroading, and anything related to trains and railroads. View on...
    David Wolf Apr 27, 2014
  • Try searching for "RIX 628-14" which is the part # for the HO scale version of the Uncoupling Tool. I've had one in my tool box since Kadee couplers first hit the market. Simply put It Works
    dave.wolf64@... Apr 8, 2014
  • I had a Marklin Atlantic coast line conversion car that someone made (bought it used at a show) It Looked like they removed the Marklin truck and glued the pin back in place. Filed it smooth drilled a new hole a little bit off center of the original hole. Then Mounted a MTL truck using a MTL pin It worked great and Looked good. Unfortunately I can't take pictures as I don't have it...
    dave.wolf64@... Feb 16, 2014