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  • Hi all, The european NOHAB diesel is celebrating its 50th anniversary this summer. This engine is now available in Z-scale in different liveries from different european railroads. More details to be found at http://www.mikkelsen.ch or go direct to a picture at http://www.mikkelsen.ch/download/MY1134.jpg The engine is equiped with a 5-pole motor and the shell is made of resin. Enjoy! Best regards, Claes
    claes_mikkelsen Jul 31, 2004
  • I know its Z scale :-)) --- In z_scale@^$1, John Jabour wrote: > I think that one is HO scale > > ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Elizabeth Hayes" > To: > Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2003 8:17 PM > Subject: Re: [z_scale] several Rogue GP38-2 for sale > > > > there is one currently on ebay > > > > > > >From: davidamiller57@^$2.. > > >Reply-To: z_scale@^$3 > > >To: z_scale@^$4...
    claes_mikkelsen Jul 11, 2003
  • Hi group, If anyone is interested in buying one of several Rogue GP38-2 please contact me 'off-group'. Best regards, Claes
    claes_mikkelsen Jul 8, 2003
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  • Hi everyone, I have posted some new pics in the photos section in the folder danish trains. I have spend some of my sparetime creating some scandinavian engines. Thanks to those of you, that helped my with material and ideas. I have build a total of 13 engines and a number of danish freight and passenger cars. 1 Swedish NOHAB, Microtrains shells, Marklin BR151 frame 1 Norwegian...
    claes_m2001 Aug 9, 2002
  • Hi all, Due to a financial crisis I am in the very unfortunate situation, that I have to sell some of my most precious Z-scale gems. I decided to use Ebay as a tool for the sale. This mail is in no way intended to promote the auctions, but only to shed some light on the following problem: Some of the articels are by small manufacturers of Z-scale products. I have received some...
    claes_m2001 Apr 15, 2002
  • Hi gang, Has anyone out there tried or considered to replace the old style lightbulbs in the Märklin locomotives with the new style LED's? The new Märklin locomotives look just great with the LED lighting, and I would like to upgrade some of the older loco's if it is possible. Would it mean modification to the loco's? I guess you would have to add a resistor between the LED and...
    claes_m2001 Mar 22, 2002
  • Hi there, I found some pictures of new Z structure releases from the company Heico on Lokshop.de You can see the pics from the news catalog on: http://www.lokshop.de/images/Kataloge/HEI/2002/neu/Seite.html Claes
    claes_m2001 Mar 12, 2002
  • Hi there, Does anyone have a couple of MT F7A shells for sale? Any roadname. Please contact me off-group if you want to sell. Regards, Claes
    claes_m2001 Feb 9, 2002
  • Hi, No, I'm not planning on doing these commercially. But I'd be happy to let you know how I did. On the page of the Danish State Railwaiys, I found a page with the dimensions of the different types. The body itself is made of 0.3mm brass sheets. I was able to bend the sheets into the right shape with the aid of a wood block. It took quite a few attempts, before I was able to make...
    claes_m2001 Feb 1, 2002
  • Hi Randy, The crane is from a small company located here in Switzerland called MZZ. They produce all sorts of metal casts for Z-scale and other scales. I noticed that 'td25scorpio' posted a message on Sat Oct 27 with a link to page where some of their models are shown. Claes --- In z_scale@^$1.., Randy Smidt wrote: > Claes, > > The Flexiliners look great. They looked sort of...
    claes_m2001 Jan 31, 2002