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UMTRR May, 2002

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    IRWINSJOURNAL.COM Presents: The Unofficial Micro-Trains® Release Report May, 2002 (Not affiliated with Micro-Trains Line, Inc.) Copyright (C) 2002, George J.
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      The Unofficial Micro-Trains´┐Ż Release Report
      May, 2002
      (Not affiliated with Micro-Trains Line, Inc.)

      Copyright (C) 2002, George J. Irwin.

      Z SCALE:

      Reprint: 14417, Marklin Coupler, $13.75, 14417-2, Micro-Trains
      $15.45, 39 Foot Single Dome Tank Car, Great Northern. Black
      with white
      lettering on sides and ends, including GN initials on left and
      on right. Reporting Marks: GN X-1155. Approximate Time Period:
      1940's (1948 built date given by MTL) to at least the late

      The folks behind the red and yellow sign are really on a tear
      with this
      company service tank car gig. All five tankers run this year so
      far, in
      both N and Z, have been for railroads. In Z, the last four
      tankers in a
      row have been for railroads (UP, ATSF, CN and GN) and you've got
      to go back
      to March 2001 for a private owner tank car (UTLX).

      Going back to the July 1950 ORER (Westerfield CD-ROM), we pick
      up almost
      half a page of the GN's Company Service tank cars, which are
      prefaced as
      such in the listing. There are-- let me get my calculator!-- a
      total of
      415 in service-- whoa! That's more tank cars than many
      railroads had cars
      in their entire rolling stock roster. The group X-1125 to
      X-1164 is of our
      particular interest. With one exception (X-1137), these cars
      were 37 feet
      4 inches outside length and 14 feet high, with 100,000 gallons
      There were 38 cars in the group overall. Yes, I know that
      doesn't say much
      about the shape of the car or its dome size, et cetera, but the
      ORER only
      goes so far.

      In the January 1964 ORER the collection of GN tank cars was down
      just a bit
      to 400 even, and the series from which this car comes is off
      just two to
      36. With the coming of the Burlington Northern in 1970, the
      service cars were no longer listed. But I'd wager that more
      than a few of
      them made it to that date and beyond, without benefit of repaint
      or even

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