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Z Museum / History of Z scale ?

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  • Mark Bradley
    Hello Everyone, In the message shown far below ( Re: [z_scale] American Z Museum ), Rob Kluz of Ztrack Magazine mentions the history of Z scale which makes
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2002
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      Hello Everyone,

      In the message shown far below ("Re: [z_scale] American Z Museum"), Rob Kluz
      of Ztrack Magazine mentions the "history of Z scale" which makes me wonder,
      what is the history of Z scale? I realize Rob is speaking about the idea of
      a display for Ft. Lauderdale that would show a "brief history of Z scale",
      but I am wondering about the WRITTEN history of Z scale.

      Does anyone know any good web sites (or other resources) that tell a good
      (detailed) history of Z scale?

      Or would anyone care to repspond to this message with their own details of
      what they know to be the history of Z scale?

      Thanks in advance,


      PS Did Z scale only start in 1972 with Marklin or were there small models
      before that? The reason I mention it is because I thought N scale started
      in the 1960's until I saw on the N.M.R.A.'s web site where they have a
      videotape clinic that discusses N scale as far back as 1903. See:
      http://www.nmra.org/library/avvids.htm (about 1/5 down the page) there is a
      listing for "Jim Fitzgerald & Ben Davis
      N-Scale & NTRAK - VV500 VHS, 68 min." which says, "This interesting and
      informative clinic traces the history of N-Scale, from as early as 1903!"
      So were there Z scale models BEFORE 1972? If not, I would still be
      interested in hearing about the start and development of Z scale. Any
      information you could provide would be genuinely appreciated. Thank you!

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      >Subject: Re: [z_scale] Re: American Z Museum
      >Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 09:37:34 EDT
      >I had to think about this one. I would love to put a display together for
      >Lauderdale to show a brief history of Z scale. I know though that time is a
      >factor and I must be realistic. Fortunately, Ft. Lauderdale is going to be
      >showcase for Z scale. A lot of everything will be there!
      >As for the potential of Z scale, well, the module groups and their assembly
      >of the world's largest Z layout will sure show the extremes Z scale can go.
      >Other efforts from David George and Terry Sutfin will definitely show the
      >more realistic side of Z scale. No matter what your Z interest my be, Ft.
      >Lauderdale will have it!
      >As for a permanent Z museum, well that is in the thought process. Ztrack is
      >accumulating quite a collection of Z scale items from a variety of
      >manufacturers. We would love to put many of these on static display with
      >running layouts showing off the trains. We are even looking into putting
      >together a not for profit organization to start the ball rolling for the
      >It is fun to dream, and as you know, dream can come true!
      >Rob Kluz
      >Ztrack Magazine, Ltd.
      >6142 Northcliff Blvd.
      >Dublin, OH 43016
      >Phone/Fax (614) 764-1703

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