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Re: Marklin Z

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  • Jay & Anne Greer
    Message 1 of 35 , Feb 5, 2000
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      >From: railroad@...
      >To: z_scale@onelist.com
      >Subject: [z_scale] Marklin Z
      >Date: Sat, Feb 5, 2000, 2:14 AM

      > Hello Hazzen,
      > It looks like your lok is suffering from a bad case of "Frozen Gummy Lube"!
      > There is a German joke in there! I posted my experiences on "De gumming Z
      > Loki" with Marvel Mystery Oil with Zclub92 about a month ago. Perhaps one
      > of the group saved my letter. If not, let me know and I will give you an
      > instant replay on "How to save your engine from burn out". Motor runs on
      > LET IT COOK AS IT WILL BURN UP THE MOTOR!!!! Prices vary as to condition of
      > the box and entire set. If another member has a current copy of Koll's
      > Guide to M�rklin Trains, I am sure they will advise you of your 74701 set's
      > approximate value. Let me know how things work out.
      > Prozit,
      > Jay Greer/Wegmann Email address is redwitch1@...
      > From: railroad@...
      > Hi,
      > You might be able to help....
      > Today I took on exchange for a job I was doing a Marklin train. Number
      > 74701 I was told it is new and about 20 years old. (looks new, no dirt
      > on wheels) plus 4 cars and a meter oval of track
      > picture http://www3.nbnet.nb.ca/railroad/utility/zz.jpg
      > Is it AC or DC ? I touched a 9 v battery to the terminal rail,
      > lights but no turn motor. Do not want to damage it so I did not mess around
      > Perhaps you could guess the resale value ?
      > thanks
      > Hazen
      > http://www3.nbnet.nb.ca/railroad/
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    • Ed Dalman
      Hallo Gert Je sloeg de spijker op de kop! Dit is een goede beschrijving of de Europese spoorwegen. Nederland gaat weer terug naar verschillende spoorweg
      Message 35 of 35 , Mar 18, 2007
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        Hallo Gert
        Je sloeg de spijker op de kop! Dit is een goede beschrijving of de Europese spoorwegen.
        Nederland gaat weer terug naar verschillende spoorweg maatschappijen.
        Groetjes, Ed
        You hit it right on! It is a excellent explanation who the railroads did developed in Europe.
        Take care, Ed

        Gert Velthuizen <gertvelthuizen@...> wrote:
        Appearances that doesn't appeal to someone is perfectly ok.

        There is far, far more difference between European and American railroads than the appearance of the loco's....
        Keep in mind that Europe was in action long before any train was constructed, loads of pony's, wagons and boats crossing the continent in long gone periods, even Ceasar crossed all of Europe...
        The large continent now known as America knew only indian tribes chasing large heards of buffalo's untill some Vikings discoverd it. Later some Columbus guy did it again and than all misery started.....
        By the time we wanted trains, all European countries had a war with at least one other in their history so a well standarized railsystem was (for safety reasons) not done. Every country developped its own railsystem and its own railindustry, so by the time the European Community ruled that all railsystems should standarize (in 1991) there was a rainbow of colors, systems, voltages, gauges, languages, safety instructions, coupling designs and so forth. All railcompanies were government property back than, the privatisation is only a decade or so old, so all systems still have to cope with a bunch of personel from the old days, when all was "different", when the boss was a civil servant, just like me, so why should I care????

        Next to all this, Europe is diiferent in landscape, in demography and cityscape, Europe has more North-South trafffic than East-West (due to guys like Stalin, Breznev and friends), while NA has more East West traffic (although NAFTA is changing this a bit), Europe has a lot more possiblities by water, look at Rhine and Donau and so forth, and so forth.

        What I like to tell you: Please try and find the best way of having fun with the railsystem you like most.
        I have never been to NA and my modelling is a kind of surrogat, don't you think? But I do have a great deal of fun, as well as modeleling HO as modelling Z as researching the prototype....

        Wish you have fun too,


        To: z_scale@yahoogroups.comFrom: ljsnyder@...: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 16:07:04 -0700Subject: Re: [Z_Scale] Marklin Z

        Dave, Did I say ugly? :o) Ok, maybe ugly was too strong a word. Let's just saythe appearance does not appeal to me.....that work? It is what you grow up with I think that plays a strong influence on yourimpression of what is appealing. Some people are very visual and I fallinto that catagory. I'll bet if I had been raised over in Europe somewhere,I'd think NA looked odd. Fair enough? Loren -------Original Message------- From: David Barnblatt Date: 3/13/2007 3:58:00 PM To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com Subject: Re: [Z_Scale] Marklin Z Make it the other way around!!! Euro: http://piledrivermedia.com/files/ebay/sbb.jpg NA: http://piledrivermedia.com/files/ebay/sop.jpg Kidding! But really... these are the type of images that first pop into my head when I think "euro" and "NA." I know there are many stretches of lines as well as many loks and rolling stock in NA that are really nice but how can you day the European railway systems are ugly... if anything they are clean, pleasant, and
        beautifully designed. Loren Snyder <ljsnyder@charter. <mailto:ljsnyder%40charter.net> net> > l. Euro is ugly and NA is pretty to me. Now I've gone and done it, > I'll have the Euro > lovers hating me, but that is ok, this is America.....land of the > free speach. > Loren > ------------------------ Yahoo! Groups Sponsor --------------------~--> Yahoo! Groups gets a make over. See the new email design. http://us.click.yahoo.com/hOt0.A/lOaOAA/yQLSAA/4O6tlB/TM ----------------------------------------------------------~-> Z-scale: minimum siZe, MAXIMUM enjoyment! Yahoo! Groups Links [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

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