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Manfred Jörger's modules on Cover Page

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    Hi Gang, This week s cover page photo was taken by Jeremy Brandon of Munich, Germany. Click on the thumbnail image to see the larger photo from
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2002
      Hi Gang,

      This week's cover page photo was taken by Jeremy Brandon of Munich, Germany.

      Click on the thumbnail image to see the larger photo from
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/z_scale or click on the link below:

      One of the many pleasures of Z model railroading and the Internet is to be
      able to share the joy of our experiences with friends around the world. For
      many years now, I have heard of the magic that Manfred J�rger has performed
      with his Z modules. Thanks to Manfred's partner, Jeremy Brandon, we have
      several photos of these impressive modules to enjoy in the Photos section of

      The photo that I have chosen to grace the Cover Page this week has special
      meaning to me. The photo is called "Hands On" and shows the rapt attention
      of a young admirer as the Z train glides by. What is especially unusual
      about this situation is that the youngster has his hands on the edge of the
      module. Of course Mother has a good grip on his waist to prevent any
      further progress toward the trains. I'm glad to see that Manfred is not the
      only Z fanatic who likes to work without a net, or should I say a rope, a
      crowd barrier rope, that is. Although separated by the Atlantic Ocean, I
      feel a special bond with Manfred and Jeremy. Not only do we all suffer from
      the Z infection, we actually enjoy having our fans get up close and

      Thanks for sharing the photos, Jeremy. See you in 3 weeks ;-)


      Last week's cover featured a photo of John Cubbin's fine scenery work.

      You can see all the preceding cover photos at:

      As always, fellow Zealots, we are always happy to post your
      layout, model or diorama photos on the Z_Scale cover page.
      Upload them to the 'Files - CoverPhotos' section or send them
      to the listowner via email.

      Note: images may be cropped and reduced in resolution for
      faster uploading.

      Happy modeling,

      Jeffrey R. MacHan
      Chief Imagineer - Val Ease Central RR
      NMRA NTS2001 "Best of Show"
      Z_Scale SIG Coordinator & Moderator:
      Columnist - Ztrack Magazine:

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