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FLASHBACK: The marklin Discount Super-Store

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    Hi Gang, Concerning the SuperStore post on the Marklin B&G group today: My original post from a month or so ago is printed below. I addition to my initial post
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2002
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      Hi Gang,

      Concerning the SuperStore post on the Marklin B&G group today:

      My original post from a month or so ago is printed below.

      I addition to my initial post I would like to add the following.

      The product line for the super-store will be exclusively Marklin with
      the possible exception of some HAG AC items. HAG would be an
      attractive compatible and complementary addition because it is a high
      quality product and I believe that HAG can be purchased at very
      favorable prices.

      Keep in mind that this WILL NOT be a train store. It will be a high
      volume international mail order/Internet order operation that operates
      with a Wal-Mart Corporate mentality.

      Also, the people behind this many not be 2 Europeans. There may be 1
      European guy and 1 US guy; or 1 Asian guy and 1 European guy or 1 US
      guy with a good business knowledge.

      With the stock market as risky as it is now, there is a lot of money
      out there looking for a secure place that will generate a good reliable

      Here again, I do not have any inside information. It is that I view
      this market niche and the profit potential as a unique opportunity at
      this point in time.


      - - - Original post - - -

      Hi Gang,

      Two things are for sure. First, Marklin is going to hold on the the
      so called 'European Distribution Model' (their existing distribution
      system) for as long as possible. The reason is that it is very

      Second, even as I am writing this email, there are a couple guys
      somewhere in Europe planning a Marklin Discount Super-Store. This
      is because the International market for Marklin products is too large
      ignore and the current distribution model is too cumbersome.

      Now, I don't have any inside information, but I can make some
      educated guesses about this Marklin Discount Super-Store (MDSS).

      1) It will be located in Germany or some adjacent country, maybe even
      a former eastern block country. Northern Italy is also a possibility.

      2) MDSS will be a warehouse operation that is 99% mail order/Internet
      order. Items will be shipped the same day the order is received.

      3) Their initial strategy will be to buy from Marklin Dealers in
      Germany at deep discounts in exchange for not selling to German
      customers. This may require that the selling unit be in a non EU

      4) Initially they will also sell at European modellbahn shows/swaps as
      a means of achieving exposure. Or they may use 'shadow dealers' or
      shills to preform this function.

      5) They will be well financed and pay immediate cash for everything.
      Payment in 'cash' rather then checks or bank transfers can be a great

      6) They will have a strong marketing person.

      7) The core of there operation will be state of the art
      telecommunications like well developed databases, their own servers,
      broadcast fax capability, email broadcast capability, fast easy to
      use web sites, and online/telephone customer service department. They
      will operate in German and English.

      8) They will immediately become the largest buyer in the Marklin
      secondary market thus giving them the ability to dictate price.

      9) In addition to selling to individuals, their prices, available
      inventory and speed of delivery will make then an attractive source of
      supply to North American and other international dealers.

      Their whole operation will be based on #1 Marketing, #2 Communications,
      and #3 low operating costs, because these are the three weak points in
      the current Marklin distribution system.

      With the existing EU rules, I don't believe that Marklin will be able
      to prevent this from happening or be able to control it after it once
      gets started.

      Food for thought.


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