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Re: [z_scale] Re: Erie this sunday?

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  • Ashley Campbell
    ... If I m in PA, I ll definitely be there. I ve wanted to see the Val Ease in person for some time now. ... I m looking forward to it -- I ll even be dragging
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 2, 2002
      On Friday, March 1, 2002, at 10:58 PM, bartabbey wrote:

      > There will not likely be any Z at the show this weekend although you
      > never know. What I do know is that the Val Ease Central is scheduled
      > to be in Erie, PA next June 22-23 at the Great American Train Show
      > (GATS) at the Erie Centre. See http://www.gats.com for more details.

      If I'm in PA, I'll definitely be there. I've wanted to see the Val Ease
      in person for some time now.

      > In the meantime definitely go to the show. I enjoy seeing the scenes
      > that other modelers have created. Train shows are fun escapes from
      > real life so indulge yourself.

      I'm looking forward to it -- I'll even be dragging my two non-railfan
      roommates. My increased interest has had some really heartwarming
      results. Periodically one or the other of them will pop in and ask a
      random question about catenary or how much of a grade model trains can
      handle compared to prototypes and if larger scales are any different.
      When they tag along to the hobby shop, they invariably comment on how
      huge HO seems. It's quite charming.

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