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Re: [z_scale] Re: Another Tree Method attn. Jeffrey and group

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  • Ole Rosted
    On Wed, 28 Nov 2001 13:49:04 -0800, you wrote: Hi, ... No, it is NOT the stranded wire with insulation method. Thinking of this method makes me believe, that
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      On Wed, 28 Nov 2001 13:49:04 -0800, you wrote:


      ted_lamar@... wrote:

      >This is the stranded wire with insulation for the trunk method???????? How
      >does he 'bulk' up the trunk near the bottom?

      No, it is NOT the 'stranded wire with insulation' method. Thinking of
      this method makes me believe, that by using it you'll get a "sterile"
      stem without the twists and turns you see in the real world.
      Pure theory, though. before trees were brought up here, I hadn't
      actually *looked* at my five trees, and certainly not tried to make
      one. I haven't reached 'scenery making' yet. My struggle with
      handlaying track is not over :-(

      Rick and Patsy Duncan wrote:

      >Do you have any photos showing the various steps involved?
      >I think that would be quite informative for the group.

      I fully agree - but I'm sorry: no pics. Group-members' interest has,
      however, sharpened my own interest for tree-making.
      I could make one (The gods will - no doubt - punish me for this
      utterly self-confident statement) and take some photos. In the
      meantime my friend's description is all I have to offer.

      Here it is, first in danish then my translation. I do not think the
      danish version will be widely appreciated - I'm bringing it in case
      anyone out there can/will provide a more understandable translation
      than the one my limited talents in english allow me to do.

      Man tager noget tråd (dem du har er lavet af noget der hedder
      NYSØLVTRÅD, nej det er ikke sølv men bare en betegnelse), så ruller
      man en lille ring, den snor man til man ikke kan mere, så klipper man
      top og bund op, og filtre begge ender ud som grene og rødder.
      Nu har man træstammen, med krone og rødder. Den dypper man i
      almindelig snedkerlim, og stiller "træet" på en avis til limen er tør
      (limen må godt være temmelig tyk.
      Når "træet" så er tørt, så kan man fjerne det fra avisen (noget avis
      bliver siddende på "træfoden", og giver det et solidt fodfæste til
      senere, når træet skal "plantes").
      Nu kan man male træstammen, jeg tror egentlig der er brugt HUMBEL
      modelfarver, men almindelig plastmaling er sikkert også anvendeligt,
      men igen farven skal også være ret tyktflydende.
      Træet er nu færdigt men uden blade, man dypper det igen i lim, og
      drysser nu fintmalet almindelig vaskesvamp som er indfarvet med grøn
      farve (hvordan den bliver indfarvet kan jeg ikke huske, men det er
      ikke svært at finde en måde tror jeg).
      De bedste hilsner Rolf
      Take some thin wire (those I sent you are made from [?????] - not real
      silver - just a name. [directly translated it is: new-silver]) Wind a
      small ring and twist is as much as you can, then cut the loops formed
      at the ends of the twisted "stem". Bend the wire-strands to form the
      tree-crown at one end - roots at the other. Dip the "tree" in ordinary
      carpenter's glue [translators note: hot glue - I made a mistake here
      saying 'white glue' in my former translation!!!] Leave the "tree" to
      dry on a piece of news-paper paper. (use a viscous [= not flowing
      easily??] glue. When dry remove the tree from the paper. (Some paper
      will adhere to the "roots" and form a solid base for "planting" the
      Paint the stem and roots. I think I used HUMBROL hobby paint but
      anything will do as long as it is not too easy flowing.
      Except for the foilage the tree is ready now. Dip it in glue once
      more, and sprinkle it with granulated ordinary washing-[the thing you
      use bathing babies], dyed green - I can't remember how I dyed it.

      [another error: the green kitchen-zink cleaner-pad I mentioned, must
      be my own "invention" . Could be useable, though - it's green already]

      best regards Rolf

      The words between square brackets are my comments.
      My first how-to-do-it description was beased on Rolf's description as
      remembered (not very reliable apparently). I think Rolf means: "dip
      the crown in glue" the second time. Or else the foilage will be all
      over the tree IMHO.

      I'm sorry for the long msg but as long as I havent tried this myself
      and as long as I have no pics, I do believe that giving you Rolf's own
      description is the best thing to do.

      regards Ole Rosted
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