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RE: Fastening tree, poles and stuff... using white glue

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  • Svein-Martin Holt
    Another good way also is to use standard white glue. Drill a hole to the tree, put little glue in the hole and place the tree. This will work well on trees,
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      Another good way also is to use standard white glue. Drill a hole to the
      tree, put little glue in the hole and place the tree.
      This will work well on trees, but may be not so good on poles.
      It need a little longer time to set than hot glue, but it blends better into
      the landscape than the "blank" hot glue. With hot glue you also will have a
      lot of small thin long strings all over your layout(In general I use hot
      glue very much, specially when gluing rock castings to styrofoam, before I
      cover the space between the castings with plaster.)

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      From: Jeffrey Masiello <neonflux@...>

      Hot Glue or hot glue gun. either is fine. I have seen where some people
      try to glue from underneath to avoid a bulge at the base of their trees.
      O find this can make a nice root section though. The glue holds really
      well too.

      Frans van Cuilenborg wrote:
      > From: "Frans van Cuilenborg" <frans.van.cuilenborg@...>
      > I am using the folowing method;
      > I build the terrain with aluminum wire mesh covered with 5 to 6 layers of
      > just kitchen paper. I cover this with a kind of filt which I cover with
      > whatever you need to make gras, stone etc. This makes a rather strong,
      > but stif surface. I hate styrofoam, that makes such a mess when you carve
      > it. I use plaster for stone sections but not to much because it gets so
      > heavy.
      > To add poles I just make a hole big enough to stick the pole (lamppost,
      > tree) through and glue it with hot-glue. (Is that the correct name in
      > English?. You just heat a stick of glue with a kind of pistol)
      > Best regards,
      > Frans van Cuilenborg
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      > Subject: [z_scale] Fastening tree, poles and stuff...
      > >From: gede@...
      > >
      > >Guys,
      > >
      > >I was wondering, how do you fasten details such as trees,
      > >lamp-posts etc on the layout? I guess you could simply drill a few holes
      > >the scenery, but what if the surface is not thick enough to give you the
      > >stability needed? I am planning to use cardboard profiles, covered with
      > >some sort of wire-mesh and strips of cloth or paper soaked in plaster.
      > >Is it still possible to drill holes and fasten things? Any
      > advice/experiences?
      > >
      > >
      > >Cheers GeDe, from a sunny and, for the season, warm Gothenburg, Sweden.
      > >
      > >>CraZy 'bout Zee!
      > >
      > > CraZy 'bout Zee!

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