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  • Bohus Blahut
    Hi everyone, Hello from the newest member of this mailing list! A friend of mine told me about this list (Katherine_Compton, also on board) after she had
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2000
      Hi everyone,

      Hello from the newest member of this mailing list! A friend of mine
      told me about this list (Katherine_Compton, also on board) after she had
      gotten an N scale set for Christmas. We had started talking about trains,
      and I showed her my poor neglected mini-club collection. Looks like I'm
      back in!

      This is a little long, but it gives youa good idea of where I'm coming

      I've collected mini-club since I was about 14 or 15 years old (I'll be
      29 this year, so I've been into Z scale for about half of my life). It all
      started with a lavish Christmas present of the 8168 starter set with the
      Santa Fe F7. While working summer jobs and saving money from birthdays
      etc., I was able to gradually build up a modest collection. I still add a
      piece or two every year, especially when I find used stuff.

      I've got about 60 cars, and 6 engines including the incredible Rail
      Zeppelin. One of the first repairs that I will be effecting is to replace
      one of the broken propeller blades on the zep- how I'll get it to stay
      without a shim is still a mystery right now. Many of my cars have been
      retrofitted with KD couplers because I prefer their smaller profile and
      prototype appearance. I know that hacking up Maerklin cars might come as a
      bit of a horror to some of you!

      I've built several layouts, none of which survive today. Despite the
      temptation to build a small layout in a small space, my grandest achievement
      was a 7 x 7 foot modular layout with full benchwork! A freind of mine also
      had a similar sized Z layout, and our eventual plan was to build an
      interface module that would connect the two layouts at shows.

      I got heavily into scratchbuilding houses anda other buildings, few of
      which still exist today. I used scribed wood and polystyrene, but I also
      used a number of things that you could find around the house. I also became
      interested in creating unusual layouts like the ones that you see in the
      maerklin catalogs. I did build a topological map layout that I displayed at
      a few train shows, but this also no longer exists.

      Since I don't have a great deal of time to build a layout these days (I
      own and run an independent film and video production studio), I will likely
      spend some time repairing some of my old rolling stock, and perhaps building
      a "conceptual layout" again. I also really look forward to reading about
      your Z adventures on this list.

      Since it seems that there is a distinction, I will also mention that I
      am more of a runner and modeler versus a collector. I have a few collector
      pieces that I am quite fond of (I've got a pair of the first run of the
      Modellbahn Ott American Michelob beer cars- I've also got a Coors beer car),
      but I'm more interested in the overall artistry that a model train and its
      environment can be. I love weathering and detailing the overall railroad
      and even some of the rolling stock (though I've left many pieces of Maerklin
      gear alone. It's too expensive to screw up!)

      I'm on the lookout for a used Z gauge turntable and roundhouse, the
      Maerklin engine house, the Krokodile, and any other used gear- even if it's
      broken! Since Independent Filmmaking isn't really lucrative, I'd appreciate
      any deals out there... I'd also die to get my hands on (or at least some
      pictures) the special limited set of flat cars that bore a little glass
      bottle, an IC chip, etc.

      I'm looking forward to having a good time reading your emails. Thanks
      for reading!
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