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thank you Mr. dave and Judi

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  • thomas cipelle
    thank you Mr. George gayle and I belive giving back were just plain peoplewe  due most in the fall when weather is rainny and cold.we wanted due gayles church
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      thank you Mr. George gayle and I belive giving back were just plain peoplewe  due most in the fall when weather is rainny and cold.we wanted due gayles church in april but they fear litte kids breaking my z scale we told them its are worry not theirs.her church housed for week  about 30 homeless  mothers women and children fact  one litte girls had used Disney princess  dress got ripped. gayle  grabbed it up took home  sewed it all up returned it that nite I have in past tok Lego train let kids run that we also have theme park  on 2x4 board sorta like mini 6flags or cedar point then we bring brief case z train  that way please many children  90% kids want come run z go figure but they want run 150mph.   we hold are breath tell them No has run slower these poor kids move from church 52 weeks yr. gayles church has 2lunchen  raise about 1,000 dollars feed them for week they get best foods.   no second hand foods they have be out church by
      8am  gayle and I drive them to catch buses then we go back buses 5pm pick them back up to eat shower retire for evening times we drive church van other times we use gayles car and fuel even pastors  get down in trenches

      the reward is seeing the happiness gayle are just  litte clog in big wheel life lets not for get all the others make food help get them there clothing and high quality second hand cloths makes  we due what we can being gayle and I in are 70,s tks agin Mr George and Judi  very suprized you remember us mention doing senior citizen and homeless big smile Tom and Gayle we got  pay back in way to day barted used power  chair for scooter so gayle get around  georiga in july

      From: David George <dlgeorgesr@...>
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      Sent: Monday, May 6, 2013 9:50 PM
      Subject: [Z_Scale] Play Trains at a Special School


      I had a very rewarding time today.
      I have put together a small ,3 module-1 man, traveling layout so I may go to schools and senior nursing homes, with just my Mini-Van and me,just like Thomas Cipelle and Gayle do in the Cleveland area.
      I spent about 7 hours at The Lane School in a Houston area school district. There are 85 Special students at this school ranging in age from 3 to 22.
      Many of them are severely physically impaired and have other limitations. However the plain and simple joy they expressed when each class or group was brought into the classroom throughout the day with the "Old Train Guy" waiting for them with those small and colorful little Choo-Choos was immensely satisfying to me.
      A large segment of them were in wheel chairs so my lower table top layout worked wonderfully well.
      I've always talked about playing to my main audience of Munchkins at regular shows but seeing these beautiful children enjoying my model trains was a trump card.
      I also have added a new group to my Pantheon of Heroes. These are the giving, generous of their emotions, highly committed and selfless staff people at the school. It is my pleasure to know them. They have invited me back next year so this fall I will try to come up with something new or different for them. 
      Judi's good friend Connie Young  ( Assistant School Principle )got this ball rolling and I especially want to thank her for doing so.
      Mister Dave

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