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Re: [Z_Scale] Cars & Pickups

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  • Lee Barry
    place pictures of the cars on this site. We d all like to get a good look at them ... From: thomascb2004 Subject: [Z_Scale] Cars &
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 30, 2012
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      place pictures of the cars on this site. We'd all like to get a good look at them

      --- On Tue, 10/30/12, thomascb2004 <thomascb2004@...> wrote:

      From: thomascb2004 <thomascb2004@...>
      Subject: [Z_Scale] Cars & Pickups
      To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2012, 5:45 PM

      About a year ago I bought a total of 38 cars and pickups to put on my layout. I bought them from E. L. Ruddick and they sat idle until about two weeks ago when I started to put them together.

      At first I was intimadated by the separate wheels but I glued the inside down to cardboard with 1/2 - 1/2 white glue then air brushed them with gray primer then flat black. I then put a dot of metalic silver one each for the hubcap -- then discovered the decals. After it was all dried out I soaked the cardboard to loosen the wheels. I caught them in a tea strainer and set them out to dry.

      Next I glued the bodies to cardboard like I had done with the wheels. After airbrushing with gray primer I picked out 5-6 colors and airbrushed 6-8 vehicles for each color. When all was dry I soaked the cardboard to release them. I washed wheels and vehicles to get any residual glue off.

      Once again I was intimadated by the decals because there were 5-6 for each vehicle. My first attempt was to put all the decals on each car at once. What a mess! The second decal loosened the first and so on. My second attempt was better since I applied one decal to all the vehicles, waited until dry then applied "Solvaset". Then one to the next decal until all were done.

      I then gave the vehicles a quick blast of Dullcoat to seal down the decales.

      Next I made sure the wheelwells were clean to the metal then CA glued one side of wheels in place the the othere side. I now have 38 beautiful cars and pickups to put on my layout...after a bit of weathering. to account for "Texas Dust".

      Tom in Dallas
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