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  • Loren Snyder
    Well said David. Thanks for the encouragement to Michael and us all. We all need to support each other. We are not all Rembrandts of trains, but we are all
    Message 1 of 10 , Aug 4, 2012
      Well said David. Thanks for the encouragement to Michael and us all. We
      all need to support each other. We are not all Rembrandts of trains, but we
      are all artists.

      I like what Don Avila says when he thinks something is really well done and
      he is impressed. He says....."this so and so is nutz"

      That's Don's way of saying he is saluting the workmanship or person.

      So everyone, keep out of the heat, go grab your paintbrushes and start


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      From: David
      Date: 8/4/2012 7:46:09 AM
      To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Z_Scale] Re: New member

      Hi Michael,

      Looks great. I didn't need to have sound to see more or less what you were
      doing. You did a good job; if I could do half that well, I'd consider it a
      major miracle. As the late Lawrence Welk would say, "Wunnerful, wunnerful."

      Oh, and by the way, don't let the naysayers run you off. A lot of them are
      just jealous, and some are just, well, snobs (have to keep it "sort of" nice
      on here, anyway, lol). But also keep in mind that with the written word,
      you can't always tell what the writer was really trying to convey. What
      looks like sarcasm or a cut-down on paper (or on here) may actually be a
      back-handed compliment, like when you introduce your new girlfriend/wife to
      your friends, and they say stuff like "How the heck did a schmuck like you
      end up with HER?!?!?!" On paper, it looks like an insult, but in reality,
      they're saying, "Ya done good, sir." For whatever reason, guys are like

      Also, some people, like myself, have what I guess you'd call an "interesting
      sense of humor. As an example, if I came over to your house and saw your
      layout, I might say something like "I officially hate you now," or "You make
      me sick." You'd see the smile on my face, and know that I thought you had
      done a absolutely famous job on your layout (as you saw me "oooh-ing and
      ahh-ing, and bubbling over with childlike excitement), and that I was paying
      you a compliment (I actually said that ("You make me sick") to a guy who was
      part of a team putting together an awesome O scale layout (about a 2-3 year
      project) at a local hobby store. He chuckled, and said "We make ourselves
      sick." I complimented him and his group for the job they were doing (you'd
      have to see this layout; it has several positions set up where with the push
      of a button, you can make the trains run for a few seconds; kids go crazy
      over it (adults too, lol)), and he invited me to "come share in the "misery.
      He knew I was kidding, and was actually in awe of what they were doing
      (like I said, you gotta see this thing), but if he had seen this written
      down, he might have taken offense. Also, a friend of mind has an HO layout
      of downtown Atlanta that would make a master modeler drool all over
      him/herself (another "must-see"). His layout makes me want to donate all my
      train stuff to the nearest dumpster, lol).

      Just shows what you can do with a small space. Welcome aboard, and keep up
      the good work! And please, do stick around. This hobby is for anybody,
      from master modeler to master muddler (yours truly :-P).

      Sorry for the soliloquy-length post.

      David P.

      PS: My Z scale layout currently consists of one container with my trains in
      it, and another container for my track, just like my N scale layout (I've
      moved three times in five years, and haven't been able to find the time to
      work on anything, other than an occasional N scale Christmas layout for work
      Heck, my ham shack is a bag with my radio and tuner in it, sitting in a
      cabinet with the rest of my ham stuff). I call it the "Boxed up & Put Up,"
      or the "Ol' Boo & Poo" (just like IUPUI is called "Ooie-Pooie"), lol) Guess
      I need to get busy, eh? :-)


      Z-scale: minimum siZe, MAXIMUM enjoyment!
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