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Re: Rokuhan L55 turnout review

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  • Gary
    Thanks Garth. I think that quite a lot of people have been waiting to see how these turnouts performed.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 11, 2012
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      Thanks Garth. I think that quite a lot of people have been waiting to see how these turnouts performed.

      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Garth Hamilton <garth.a.hamilton@...> wrote:
      > I received a pair of these turnouts from Rokuhan on Friday and spent
      > the weekend playing with them with some interesting results.
      > The Ternout is R127mm 26 degree arc and using the R127mm 26 degree
      > curved track your parallel tracks is spaced 25mm apart, just like the
      > L110m R429mm 13 degree turnout. To fit into a layout you might need
      > a couple of L55mm pieces of straight to maintain a balanced geometry
      > on you layout.
      > How did I test them
      > I set up on 9ft of straight track and used the two L55 turnouts to
      > create a siding one one side of nine feet of straight track. and on
      > the other side I created another siding using the L110mm turnouts for
      > comparison. So this gave me room to operate an SD40-2 with 6 cars
      > through the passing siding and back to the main.
      > What works,
      > Micro Trains F7, GP7 GP35 SD40-2,
      > Marklin 2-8-2, 2-6-0, 4-6-2, 4-6-0, 0-8-0, 0-8-8-0, short 4 axle diesel, GG1
      > AZL RDC, early GP38-2 (Rogue)
      > Tenshodo D51
      > Crown (PRMLoco) EF65,
      > Pro-z (Tokyo Mauri) EF62, E231,
      > Rokuhan 113
      > RealZJ aka Plus Up & Akia 485,
      > GHQ K28, Westmodel or Aspen model k27,
      > Eisen Platz/Ftoys Sinkansen
      > every piece of freight I have with talgo trucks (truck with coupler attached)
      > every passenger car I have with talgo trucks
      > What did not work
      > Tenshodo C62 4-6-4
      > The C62 pilot truck derails at the point where it enters the frog with
      > the outside guard rail at the frog, and I am experimenting to see if I
      > can adjust back to back on lead axle of pilot truck to get it to work
      > or if changing the guard rail will make it happen.
      > Early Micro Trains 50ft cars with body mounted couplers.
      > any cars in my fleet that are over 50ft in length and I have converted
      > to body mounted couplers. However many of these 50ft cars with body
      > mounts cars were okay if you just went through curve to a piece of
      > straight track instead of going through an s bend to run parallel to
      > the main.
      > What does not look good is a judgement call and I leave that for each
      > individual to assess. For me they look okay in industrial areas and
      > small industrial yards using 40ft or shorter freight cars. They did
      > not look good with passenger cars even though they ran well.
      > what was marginal
      > double headed SD40-2 with pilot mounted coupler, double headed GP35
      > with pilot mounted coupler ( Double headed GP7 with coupler mounted
      > on truck was fine.
      > I did not like the look of long passenger cars or long freight cars
      > working through this turnout even if they got through it without
      > problems in Z scale however in Nn3 scale it was much more acceptable
      > primarily because the narrow gauge car length of passenger and freight
      > cars is relatively short compared to standard gauge cars in Z scale.
      > What was not tested
      > AZL SD75
      > AZL GP35
      > AZL Cab Forward, challenger, GS3 or any other brass locomotives.
      > Marklin many electrics and diesels
      > In summary I would say any car or engine with couplers mounted on the
      > trucks will work fine any car or engine with pilot or body mounted
      > couplers is a question mark initially, until tested. Conversion of
      > turnout from power routing as it is supplied as standard to non power
      > routing, like Marklin and Micro trains was simple and quick, I just
      > installed two screws in the bottom plate and voilĂ  non power routing,
      > and the screws were included with the turnout, as are the instructions
      > plus there is a video on the Rokuhan channel on You Tube. The turnout
      > comes with one 55mm straight specially trimmed so you can fit a piece
      > of track on diverging exit from turnout. The R127mm 13 degree curve
      > comes in a package of 2 and that is an additional purchase.
      > regards Garth
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