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Re: Still around - MicroTrains Couplers

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  • John Jabour
    It helps Thanks ... From: BJKRONEN@aol.com To: z_scale@onelist.com Date: Friday, December 17, 1999 9:58 AM Subject:
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 17, 1999
      It helps
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      From: BJKRONEN@... <BJKRONEN@...>
      To: z_scale@onelist.com <z_scale@onelist.com>
      Date: Friday, December 17, 1999 9:58 AM
      Subject: Re: [z_scale] Still around - MicroTrains Couplers

      >From: BJKRONEN@...
      >John (and Ole too):
      >> > Bill
      >> > I want to convert some of my cars from Marklin to MT
      >> > but I can't find anyone who has the 901/902.
      >< snip, snip, snip >
      >> In the meantime, I fired off a few emails to my usual parts places on my
      >> lunch break. I should know by tomorrow night who has what in stock.
      >> I'll post again then.
      >It was just the Seasonal Rush:
      > The items you requested are in stock they are $2.89 as are all the MT
      >couplers. We are constantly restocking our inventory. Stock levels are very
      >dynamic so items flow in and out and back again. Restock on Marklin,
      >Engineering, Micron-Art, and Walthers is usually under a week Micro-trains
      >usually takes about a full week depending on urgency but we have constant
      >shipments from Micro-trains on a weekly basis so anything can be in them.
      >Thank you,
      >Shane Baykowski
      >N-Scale Manager/ Systems Administrator
      >M.B. Klein, Inc.
      >Model Train Headquarters
      >162 North Gay St.
      >Baltimore, MD 21202-4018
      >Info Line: 1-410-539-6207
      >Order Line:1-888-872-4675
      >No connections with this vendor, except that of a customer, etc.
      >Please do not consider this email a strong recomendation for one vendor
      >another, or to suggest these two are the only sources on the planet. Check
      >Z-Track Magazine and Model Railroader for lots of other sources.
      >The bottom line is that most of the big mail order shops have enough volume
      >in sales to keep stock on hand, and have regular shipments from the
      >warehouses to keep the back orders to a reasonable delay. Its the local
      >dealer who has trouble getting enough back orders together to justify a
      >factory order in a timely manner. But they need our support too. If you
      >a large amount of "stuff" at one time, you may be surprised to find you
      >dealer will match the mail order prices, too. Mine does.
      >And yes, they all run out at one time or another.
      >Hope this helps.
      >Bill Kronenberger
      >>CraZy 'bout Zee!
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