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Re: [Z_Scale] Re: AZL GP-38 scheduled for Denver Z Convetion

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  • Lee Barry
    Loren, you are only 5% right. The other 95% is driven by greed, the same as for our gas prices. Stop buying and watch the price come down dramatically. The
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      Loren, you are only 5% right. The other 95% is driven by greed, the same as for our gas prices. Stop buying and watch the price come down dramatically. The rich mans creed is "If I know how much money I have then I don't have enought". A good example of greed is NASCAR. We have two races here at "The Worlds Fastest Half Mile", up until last year there were not any empty seats in the house and the tickets sold on the "crooked" market for $1000 or better. Since 2011 there have been quite a few empty seats in the 160,000 seat "Sodom & Gommorah Coliseum". Also the campgrounds that surround the track are not full. The people have begun to realize it is not worth it to mortgage it all with a credit card to go there. The are finally seeing what I saw abpout 10-12 yrs. ago, "money has ruined NASCAR", as it has to all pro and college sports. It will do the same to model railroading. I was acollector while in N scale and bought everything that came out from
      MTL,KATO,CONCOR ect, nothing from Bachmann, I consider it junk. I learned my lesson the hard way. That is why I now only buy what I intend on running, not hiding in some box. The only exception to this is the state set, and maybe the Z scale wood side refrig. cars MTL is due to start in Jan,2013 a 12 car set. Lee Barry

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      I doubt that MTL or any other company follows the secondary market, though
      they must surely be aware that sold out models fetch higher prices. In
      most cases, it is simply a case of supply and demand.

      Lets say for example company XYZ makes 1000 units of a particular model.
      Eventually all of them will sell, sometimes quickly, sometimes much later,
      maybe even not at all. Sold out is both a good and bad thing for a company.
      If the product sold out quickly, then XYZ realizes they could have
      potentially sold more units had they made more initially.

      On the other hand, if it takes several months, or maybe even years, then
      obviously the customer demand for that particular product was much less. No
      company likes to have unsold stock sitting on shelves gathering dust as that
      is money not made simply sitting idle when the money, energy and time spent
      in making the product in the first place could have been spent elsewhere
      where the market demand may have been higher.

      Here's where the high prices come in.............

      Along comes what we refer to in this hobby or any I suppose as a 'newbie'.

      Newbie gets involved in the hobby and decides he just has to have one of a
      particular product. Since it may be long gone from the store shelves, he
      begins looking for his 'must have'. When he finds it he is often willing to
      pay a higher price than originally because he just has to have one. Now if
      two or more people decide they want the 'last' one, then you have a bidding
      war and whoever sells the product makes out like a bandit and the purchaser
      often pays through the nose for the item of desire.

      Perfect case in point......years back MTL made a beautiful Mogul in three
      versions and made only so many. Initial sticker price was $500 I believe.
      It may have been lower and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm mistaken.
      I've seen that loco go as high as $900. Why? Simply for the fact that
      more than one person wanted that item.

      End result......joy and big bucks for the seller, while joy and big bucks
      out for finally getting the must have item for the buyer.

      In June, the annual N scale collectors convention will be held here in
      Medford, Oregon. We all know that collectors sometimes spend huge amounts
      of money to get the desired item. I am told that some collectors will fork
      over thousands for a particular N scale piece of rolling stock. Cheers for
      the seller who can now walk away with a wad of money while imagine the
      poorer', but happy collector who walks away with the item of his heart's

      This collector's convention is one of the richest model railroading shows in
      the entire country, both in terms of perceived value of product available,
      but in money spent overall while the convention is in progress.

      I can not knock collectors, but I'd much rather be a runner than a collector
      To each his own is the final analysis.

      I hope you find your 'heart's desire' without spending the kid's college
      fund, mortgaging the house, and selling the wife's furs..... :o)

      Happy hunting and may good fortune shine on you .

      BTW, companies can't always fire up the machinery again for a second run
      because of the costs involved in inserting another product run into an
      already tight manufacturing schedule. For the manufacturer it is a roll of
      the dice, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

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