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Fw: [Z_Scale_DCC] DCC direction detection question

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  • Cliff Smith
    From the DCC forum.................... Cliff SSgt USMC, Retired 08 TITAN 86 Yamaha FZX-R Z scale trains ... From: Jeff To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2011
      From the DCC forum....................

      SSgt USMC, Retired
      '08 TITAN
      '86 Yamaha FZX-R
      Z scale trains

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      Subject: Re: [Z_Scale_DCC] DCC direction detection question

      This is easy. Just gap *both* rails on each of the turnout loop rails (4 gaps). Connect an Autoreverser to the loop rails. (DCC Specialties, Tam Valley Juicer, etc. but NOT a Digitrax as it is old school mechanical relay - low tech).

      If you use a märklin turnout, nothing needs to be done. If you use an MTL or Rokuhan turnout, you need to connect the turnout's control to the Autoreverser to change the turnout direction (cannot run thru the points whereas with the märklin turnouts, you can !

      Jeff M
      SF Bay Area Z

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      Subject: [Z_Scale_DCC] DCC direction detection question

      Is there a way to have DCC automatically change swithc postions using some sort of detector?

      I have 2 reverse loops that require some sort of auto change capability.



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