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Re : [Z_Scale] Re: AZL GP-30 and AZL Consumer Report

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  • de Champeaux Dominique
      ...             (sorry group, I don t want to launch any useless polemic...)   ????????????? Sorry Michal, but I ve not the least idea of what
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 2011
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      >Dominic in France, you're a loyal AZL customer, but I don't like you for enjoying and sticking up for AZL when you barley run them on your point to point >shelf layout. You just can't get real results of running in that way, IMHO.

      >The truth only hurts when someone is in denial of the truth. And the truth is not slander.

      >Michael Hilliard
      (sorry group, I don't want to launch any useless polemic...)
      ????????????? Sorry Michal, but I've not the least idea of what you're referring. Is this for my yesterday's message? Is it for the video I sent a while ago on Youtube, showing my trio of SD70s crawling through a few Wright turnouts, doing some switching along with a MTL GP35 on my "Plywood Pacific" (which is not at all a point to point shelf railroad, but that's useless for what we're speaking of). I'm simply totally satisfied with my SD70s and I've no shame to share this here (and I must admit I'm not that satisfied with previous AZL brass models as they're in my opinion far more prone to stall with a lack of power pick-up). Sorry if that doesn't match with your point of view about AZL... BTW I remember your superb craftmanship improving MTL and AZL locos and I don't want to deny it. But I'm simply not sure to understand what you're referring about me. If you want to continue this discussion please let's do it privately as I wouldn't want to parazite
      this forum...

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