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  • david.davidksmith
    Be wary of the overly simplistic views some people have of the fees charged for transactions. The per-transaction fee may be more through PayPal, but banks
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 1, 2011
      Be wary of the overly simplistic views some people have of the fees charged for transactions. The per-transaction fee may be more through PayPal, but banks charge a pretty hefty setup fee to establish an account to accept credit card payments. Plus, most banks expect you to meet a minimum total transaction dollar amount per month, and if this is not met, they slap you with additional fees.

      Furthermore, PayPal offers a fully-integrated system for storefronts, with payment acceptance, bookkeeping, shipping and even inventory control. This is a boon to very small businesses since it consolidates several services into one, and avoids minimum monthly transaction fees charged by many banks as well as the need to manage inventory, shipping, and everything else yourself.

      Bottom line, one must look at the whole picture before writing PayPal off as some greedy website looking to gouge us at every turn. Depending on the size and type of business one runs, they may represent the better value.



      --- In z_scale@yahoogroups.com, Malcolm Cleaveland <mcleavel@...> wrote:
      > On Thur June 30, 2011 6:14 pm (PDT) rgminutillo wrote:
      > > Isn't it interesting that one person falls for a 'PayPal' scam, posts a
      > > warning about it <snipped>
      > First, I'd like to thank all the helpful posts from people who actually
      > read my post, containing excellent advice. The suggestion that it is a
      > precaution against money laundering makes sense. I did not "fall" for it
      > and never suggested it was a "scam", as a rereading of my post by
      > rgminutillo will find.
      > Before my first post, I logged into my account and found a request from
      > PayPal that I do verification, so I knew it was not a scam. In fact, this
      > was not the first time the request has appeared as both an e-mail and in
      > my account as I have approached their "limit".
      > Second, while my question might be technically "OT", it should be of
      > interest to the great majority of Z-scalers, who are forced to use the
      > internet to pursue their hobby more than the more populous scales who can
      > usually go the brick and mortar route when they want something.
      > Third, there is a work-around. You can select payment with a credit
      > card, which makes you a "PayPal Guest". PayPal will tell you that you
      > have a valid account and ask you if you want to continue with the credit
      > card. Say yes and provide credit card info. It is not as convenient as
      > using your PayPal account, but it will get your money to the merchant. I
      > wish more dealers accepted checks. I'm willing to wait for the mail to
      > get the check to the dealer and the delay in shipping until the check
      > clears.
      > I received an e-mail from one merchant who said he no longer accepts
      > PayPal, but does accept major credit cards because it is cheaper. The
      > credit cards take a smaller percentage of the transaction than PayPal. So
      > "poor PayPal"? Don't think so. They're making big bucks.
      > CheerZ,
      > -- Malcolm Z
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