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Re : [Z_Scale] Re: Japan Earthquake

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  • de Champeaux Dominique
    Alex, it s nice to see that you re still alive and well! My thoughts are going with those unfortunate people who have been struck by this earthcake...   Dom
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 12, 2011
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      Alex, it's nice to see that you're still alive and well! My thoughts are going with those unfortunate people who have been struck by this earthcake...

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      De: Alex <techrepjapan@...>
      Objet: [Z_Scale] Re: Japan Earthquake
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      Date: Samedi 12 mars 2011, 13h12


      Hello Thomas,

      Thank you for your concern. Here is a copy of my e-mail I sent out to many folks in our Z community. I greatly appreciate all your well-wishes and concerns. I apologize to the folks I may have missed in contacting directly. I am sure you can understand our mental state.

      While I am no where near the unbelievable destruction and death, nor did I suffer any injury... the danger has not passed. There have been many, many after-shocks... many of those amount to their own earthquake in intensity.

      And, now... we have the threat of nuclear fall-out, as a power-plant has blown-up.

      Here is what I wrote about 24 hours ago...

      Hello All,

      Yes... we are okay. Thank you all for your concern and e-mails. I apologize for the mass e-mail, but I am sure you can understand the current situation.

      The biggest thing that has happened to me directly was... I was on a commuter train going to work. ALL trains in the Tokyo area immediately stopped. I was stuck on the train for about 1 hour, before we were evacuated.

      I then walked about 20 kilometers to get home. It took me about 4 hours. I had no idea what I would find when I got home, as mobile phone communications has been suspended. Luckily, only some minor junk broken in the apartment.

      So far... we are lucky. There have been many, many strong after-shocks. Not sure what is going to happen tonight or for the next few days.

      Ground transportation was (is) still running, but has ground to a halt. Folks in Tokyo are not thinking and going on like nothing has happened. Most major roads are clogged. The high-ways are closed, but are filled with stranded vehicles. We are expecting power black-outs shortly. Nuclear power plants have been damaged and are being shut-down. Residents living within 10 kilometers of the nuclear power plants are being evacuated.

      The death toll will be climbing quickly. The tsunamis hit in short order... catching many people in their homes or in their cars, trying to out-run the tsunamis.

      We have our emergency bags packed. We are ready to head outdoors, if need be. No where to go... may be camping out in the near by park.

      In the time it took me to put this rambling e-mail together... there have been at least 10 after-shocks of 4.0 or more.


      Thank you,


      Tokyo, Japan

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      > Hi: Has anyone contacted Alex to see if he survived the earthquake OK? tom
      > creighton Sr

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