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Z Scale + MRR items for sale

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  • eric.foxman
    I am thinning my collection and downsizing the layout I am planning. thus I have rolling stock, building kits and scenery materials for sale. I would like to
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      I am thinning my collection and downsizing the layout I am planning. thus I have rolling stock, building kits and scenery materials for sale. I would like to offer these items to members of this group before going to a larger "audience", like eBay.

      Please feel free to contact me for photos of any of the items; please be patient -- most days -- as I can only send photos when I am home in the evenings, so requests for pictures sent during the day will be answered that evening (Pacific time).

      The prices I have given are, I think, very fair; they do not include shipping. I would only ask for actual shipping costs, which will depend on what + how many items you want. Payment by check only. Shipping in USA (possibly out of country - let's discuss).

      Contact me directly by email: feyfurfox@...
      THANKS for looking

      Eric L. Foxman
      aka Z-Elf

      Rolling Stock
      Marklin 8609 Baggage Car $10 Good condition; Green Baggage Car w/ sliding doors;Era III; NO box

      Marklin 80315 High Gondola w/Brakeman's Cab + Load $15 Very Good Condition; Gray with Crushed Rock Load, Era III

      Marklin 80715 Boxcar w/Brakemans Cab $15 Very Good Condition;White, Lettered for Gebrüder Moebringer Göppingen, Era III

      Marklin 82314 Tank Car $15 Very Good Condition; Silver, Lettered for Moka Frankfurt/M, Era iV

      Marklin 82322 High Gondola w/Brakemans Cab $15 Very Good Condition; Maroon-Red, Era III

      Marklin 82331 Low Flat car $12 Good Condition; Maroon-Red, Era III

      Marklin 86331 Set Weathered Gondolas w/loads $18 Very Good Condition; factory weathered; 2 Maroon-Red w/ Coal Load (1 w/Brakeman's cab); long bed cast metal truck w/matching load, Era III

      Marklin 8639 Boxcar w/Brakeman Cab +2 sliding doors $15 Very Good Condition; Maroon-Red Era III

      Marklin Commemorative MRR Meet 2007 Boxcar $15 Very Good Condition; Red Box Car w/Brakeman's Cab; only available at Modellbahn Treff 2007; Train Graphic on both sides; Same graphic on Metal Tin. Era III

      Marklin 80715 Doerffler Boxcar w/Brakemans Cab $12 Very Good Condition; Off White Boxcar w/ Brakemans Cab; Lettered for Dorffler Würstchen; Era III; NO box

      Marklin Limited Run Boxcar $12 Good Condition; White Boxcar w/Brakemans Cab. Lettered for Birnenschaumwein / Gasthof Lamm / Jorg Geiger; Era III; NO box

      Marklin Low Gondola w/ Brakemans Cab $12 Very Good Condition; Green low sided Gondola w/ Brakemans Cab. Eight Stake holders on each side (NO stakes); Era III; NO box.

      Marklin Museum 2000 Boxcar $20 Very Good Condition; Blue Boxcar w/Sliding Doors; lettered for Gaiser; Includes Flat bed truck w/load of sacks; Era III.

      Marklin Museum 2001 6 Axle Flat Car $20 Very Good Condition; Brown Heavy duty 6 axle Flatcar w/green stakes (inlcuded); Includes Heavy Duty Press from Schuler Co.; Metal tin has minor dents and wear marks; Era IV - V.

      Marklin Museum 2004 Flatcar $20 Very Good Condition; Brown Flatcar w/brakemans cab; loaded with 3 Gas Cylinders;lettered for Göppinger Water; includes cast metal Truck; Era III

      Marklin Tank Car $12 Very Good Condition; Port Colored Large capacity Tank car; Lettered for Minol; Era V; NO Box

      Marklin 8191 Track SET - Electric $90 New in Box

      Marklin 8559 Crossing Track 13º $5 Manual; 2 Pieces; Used.

      Marklin 8560 Double Slip Remote Track $10 Electric; 2 Pieces; Used.

      Marklin 8565 Turnout Left Manual $7 Unused; 5 available; no box

      Marklin 8566 Turnout Right - Manual $10 New in Box

      Marklin 8566 Right Hand Switch - Manual $7 Unused; 4 available; no box

      Marklin 8588 - Isolating Track $3 New in Box. Used to break layout into electrical blocks.

      Marklin 8594 Flex Track $75 New in Box 10 pieces; 2 Boxes available; will not sell partial boxes as impossible to ship without damage.

      Marklin Track - Assorted Used $35 Used; Includes 8 x #8500 (Str 110 mm); 9 x #8505 (Str 220mm); 2x #8503 (Str 55 mm); 12 x #8510 (Crv 145mm x 45º [all unused!]); 5 x #8521 (Crv 195mm x 30º);86 x #8520 (Crv 195mm x 45º); 8 x #8530 (Crv 220 mm x 45º); 1 x #8531 (Crv 220mm x 30º); 6 x #8591 (Crv 490mm X13°); 2x #8565 LH Switch; 2 x #8566 RH Switch; 1 x #8588 (Circuit break 55mm))

      MicroTracks Flex Track $20 5 pieces @ 12"; Settling as a package; will not sell partial as difficult to ship without damage.

      Marklin 7274 Control Box $5 New in Box; Used to control up to accessory. 4 circuits from common power source. Always on or always off.

      Marklin 7272 Control Box $3 Like new; no box; Used to actuate up to 4 turnouts. Momentary on.

      Structure -- All unbuilt kits unless noted
      Artitec 12.102 Trackside Utility Buildings $5 Resin kit. Nice detailed row of "older buildings" for trackside

      Artitec 12.117 Workshop Set(2 building) $5 Resin kit. Nice detail set for trackside
      GC Laser 5201 Tool Shed (2 pack) $5 New in Box

      Heico 12221 Brass Sand station w/ Crane $15 Package opened to review instructions; decided not to use so in Like New Condition.

      Kibri 36703 Station "Chateau d'Oex" Built $50 Already Built and custom painted; Fine-grit sandpaper roof over platform.

      Marklin 2643K Signal Tower laser Cut wood $10 New in Box

      Marklin 8961 Covered Platform Set $10 New in Box; 3 Platforms with Curved "Glass" roofs

      Marklin 8970 Winterdorf Village Station $10 New in Box 2 Available

      Marklin 8981 Locomotive Shed - Built $50 Already Built and custom painted / bricks are mortared. Complete with all parts for operating doors and special track to stop loco from overrunning end of track. Never installed.

      Marklin 8986 Ped Bridge + Right of Way Accessories $10 New in Box

      Marklin Freight Shed -- Built $10 Already Built and painted.

      Scenery -- All unopened packages unless noted
      Blair 060 N Scale Porcelain Signs $2 Printed on Vinyl Paper. Some of the smaller signs will be nice enhancements for a Z Layout. 60 signs to choose from

      Blair Line 1550 Custom Billboard $5 Laser cut wood. Can use for Large Z bilboard - create your own message.

      Blair Line 374 Wood Loading Ramp $5 Laser cut wood; create a freight desination anywhere along layout.

      Bulldozer, Cast Metal $2

      Faller 282944 Stone Archway Retaining Wall(2) $3 Detailed triple arches; polyeurthane foam - can also be bent for a curved wall.

      Faller 2901 Set Straight bridges $10 Opened; Contains 3 (new) instead of 4 sections; will include 4 used curved sections Plus Used marklin #8975 Arched bridge (one side of arch is slightly bent inwards) as part of 'package'

      Kibri 36921 Tile / Vollmer 7348 Tile Roofing $3 1 x Red Sheet Lap Tile Roofing; 2 sheets Gray Tile roofing; each approx 6" x 4".

      Kibri Trucks w/ trailers Used $5 2 Used trucks and 3 used trailers (Previous owner painted 1 truck + 2 trailers); plus 1 New Tractor and Long trailer.

      Kibri Trucks w/trailers (New 3 Set) $8 Opened package; Like New - Never used; Complete set of 3 trucks w/ 3 trailers

      Marklin 89021 Set Antique Cars/Trucks $25 Very Good Condition; Cast metal Cars, trucks + camper trailer. 10 pieces; Era III/IV

      MicronArt 1007 Baggage Carts(4) $8 Brass kit; 4 carts/ package; 2 available

      MicronArt 91103 Wide Doors+Sq.Windows $5 Brass kit; 16 windows + 24 windows; (Note: 1 of the single doors is gone)

      MicronArt 91302 Roof Slate Large Area $5 Brass piece; approx 4" x 2"; 2 available
      Plastic Cement Truck $2 Lettered for Readymix

      Resin Mercedes Pickup Truck $1 Ready to paint

      Resin Porsche Convertable $1 Ready to paint

      Resin VW Pickup Truck $1 Ready to paint

      Stone Arcade Curved Bridge - Built $5 Already Bullt and slightly weathered; 6 open stone arched curved bridge; takes 2 pieces #8521 (Crv 195mm x 30º) track; railing at one end cracked.

      Woodland Scenics Materials, Asst. $50 Assorted unopened packages; 1 each: T61 Coarse Turf/Yellow Grass; F53 Foliage/Dark Green; B74 Ballast Fine/Light Gray; FC135 Underbrush Clump Foliage/Light Green; FC57 Foliage Cluster/Light Green;F177 Flowering Foliage/PurpleF176 Flowering Foliage/Yellow; FG174 Field Grass/Medium Green;T48 Flowers [1 pkt each Yellow/Red/Whirte/Orange];FC181 Clump Foliage/Burnt Grass; TR1101 Tree Kit [36 trees; 3/4" - 3"; 3 colors foliage];TH27 Pine Forest Kit [24 Trees 2" - 4"' Foliage]; 2 each: T45 Turf/Green Grass. Full Retail is over $75-80.

      Woodland Scenics S928 Mountain Valley Kit $25 Unused Complete kit. Sufficient materials for a 4' x 8' HO layout. Can also be used for N or Z, as all materials are not scale specific. Ballast is even fine screened!. Includes Instruction Booklet, plaster cloth hydrocal, rock mold, 15 scenery elements (turf/foliage etc.), 6 trees, scenic cement, etc.

      N-Scale Detail Parts (Asst #1) $10 All New in Packages; cast metal (except signs): 2 Pkg GCM771 12 Pane window (can use for Z Scale Door) 2/pkg; Det. Assoc#8448Porch Light w/large globe (can use for industrial Z building) 2/pkg; Det. Assoc#8447Porch Light w/large globe (can use for industrial Z building) 2/pkg; Model Shipways MS0519 3/8" liferaft (can use for 10' Z raft) 3/pkg; Model Shipways MS0270 3/4" Longboat (can use for 19' Z boat) 2/pkg; Blair Line Burma Shave Plastic Signs w/wood posts (14 different sequences)

      N-Scale Detail Parts (Asst #2) $10 All New in Packages; Burt Ind30506 Resin Telephone Box 2/pkg; Burt Ind.30503 Resin 2 Bay Relay Box 2/pkg; Det Assoc 8438 Cast metal Roof Vent 2 / pkg [2 packages]; Set. Assoc 8409 Fire Call Box 2/pkg [7 packages]
      Building Papers $12 All New; 10" x 5"; Embossed texture for 3D effect; Use for Retaining walls, portals,tunnel liners, etc. (patterns on back of each!) Faller 2656 Brown Stone 7 sheets Vollmer 7361 Red/Black Brick 4 sheets Faller 2568 Orange Brick 2 sheets Total = 13 sheets

      Bilt-Eezi 3 card stock kits $5 3 Card Stock N Scale kits with flexible configuration. #1 Bungalow w/Garage" includes toolshed; bow window; different chimney effects. #2 Timber House w/Garage; different store front possibilities and 2nd floor treatments. #3 Accessories: sidewalk, 3 dif stone wall heights with gate posts + 3 different gates; tool shed; 2 alternate store fronts can be used with other card stock models. Suggest make photocopy and do a 'test run'; for strenth and to resist warping, affix onto gray board while construction. CAN BE PHOTOCOPIED REDUCED TO Z SCALE EASILY.

      NWSL The Chopper $10 Slightly used; Complete with guides;
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