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Re: [Z_Scale] Re: Repairing AZL locomotives

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    Hi everyone TONY TRAIN TOWN in New Jersey repairs z trains Bill GOD BLESS you & keep you ... From: de Champeaux Dominique To: z
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      Hi everyone "TONY TRAIN TOWN" in New Jersey repairs z trains Bill

      GOD BLESS you & keep you

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      >AZL is looking for a trust worthy repair shop that customers can be
      >referred to. In the case of the C44s with bad motors, the worms will need >to be
      >pulled from the bad motor and placed back on the new motor. Not all >repair
      >shops can do this work.
      >Anyone have any recommendations?

      In Europe, Oli Passmann do wonders overhauling AZL locos, including modern/recent/plastic shell equipped samples, as well as older brass samples. For a reason unknown of myself the motor of one of my Dash9 was fried. I sent him the loco and I recovered it RTR a while later. He changed the motor and worms so I hadn't to deal with that difficult task myself.

      In the US I guess the Stitka's in Florida do the same.


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