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Re: derailing cars

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  • Martijn
    Thanks for your detailed reply. I m just started with z scale, before I had a large H0 plan in mine other house, but due to a lack of space and two kids now I
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 2, 2001
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      Thanks for your detailed reply. I'm just started with z scale, before
      I had a large H0 plan in mine other house, but due to a lack of space
      and two kids now I switched to Z. The derailing is occured on rail
      joints, special with one axel cars connected to two axel cars. I'm
      aware that they can derail on turnouts, so for me it's strange that
      the derailing is caused on straight track.


      -- In z_scale@y..., stamperdream@y... wrote:
      > Hello,
      > It is very difficult to give you a simple answer to your question.
      > In fact, I have several questions for you.
      > 1. Do the same cars derail all the time or occasionally?
      > 2. Do the cars derail at the same place?
      > 3. Where do they derail? on a curve, at a rail joint, on a turnout?
      > 4. If your turn the derailing car(s) around, do they continue to
      > derail? At the same place?
      > Here are some general guidelines:
      > I have found that most Märklin and Micro-Trains cars are
      > excellent runners and rarely derail except:
      > 1. there is a bad rail joint and a wheel flange is picking the
      > This will usually occur in one direction only. Check your track.
      > 2. there may be hair or lint wrapped atound an axle of the car or
      > cars that are derailing. Remove the wheel sets and check for lint
      > and remove any collected dirt. The wheels should spin freely in
      > the trucks.
      > 3. Check the gauge of the rails where derailing occurs. The rails
      > may be too close together which cause a wheel to ride up and
      > over the rail. Gently regauge the track where the problem occurs.
      > 4. Check the gauge of the wheels on the derailing car. It is
      > possible that the wheels may be slightly too far apart or too close
      > together on the axle. Use a wheel gauge or another wheel set to
      > compare.
      > 5. Also spin the wheel in the truck to see that the wheels are not
      > out of round or bent on the axle. You will see the wheel wobble if
      > this is the case. Replace the wheel set.
      > 6. Try putting the offending car at the end of the train.
      > the drag of a long train will pull a lighter car or cars off of the
      > track. You might consider adding a small amount of weight to
      > cars that derail in this case.
      > UNIVERSAL RULE: Keep the wheels free rolling by checking
      > rolling stock regularly for hair, dirt and lint in the axles. Keep
      > drag as low as possible.
      > Hope that these suggestion are of some help. Try to answer the
      > questions at the beginning of this post. They are designed to
      > help you diagnose (identify) the cause(s) of your derailments.
      > Cheers,
      > Jeffrey MacHan
      > --- In z_scale@y..., "Martijn " <martijn27@y...> wrote:
      > > Mine z scale track is pretty smooth I think, but some of mine
      > cars
      > > are derailing all the time. Is this caused by the (light)weight
      > > the cars and how to prevend.
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