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  • pleahy@xxxxxxxx.xxx
    Thanks for the well wishes, Jeffery. It is set for Feb 17th. I understand about not wanting to part with your suitcases. They would never survive such a
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 1, 1999
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      Thanks for the well wishes, Jeffery. It is set for Feb 17th.
      I understand about not wanting to part with your suitcases. They would
      never survive such a flight!
      I should be able to make the Springfeild show providing we don't get a
      major snowstorm! I will give a report here after. I hope there is some Z
      there this year!


      At 09:45 PM 11/30/99 PST, you wrote:
      >From: "Jeffrey MacHan" <jmac_han@...>
      >Hey Pete,
      >On behalf of everyone on the list, let me wish you a successful operation
      >whenever it takes place.
      >Taking part in train shows with Z is a most rewarding experience. In most
      >places that I have taken the VEC, I have been the only Z in town. After 3
      >years in Vancouver area shows, we now see other Z layouts on display.
      >People are fascinated with the scale and comments range from "it's
      >fanastic!" to "it's soooo cute!" to "it's too small!". My responses to
      >these very spontaneous exclamations are, in order, "I'm glad that you think
      >so...", "isn't it though!" and "too small for whom?".
      >When confronted with the last reply, most people realize that they are
      >testing the layout in their mind as a modeling scale. When they percieve
      >the layout from a less personal angle, they are more likely to ask what size
      >the layout would translate to in N or HO scale. Some even come back later
      >to take pictures for use as reminders for the track plans.
      >For those of you who are interested, each section of the Val Ease Central
      >measures 24" x 30" which comes out to 33" x 41.25" in N scale, and 60" x 76"
      >in HO scale. The 2 section VEC measures 24" x 63" and the 3 section VEC
      >(coming soon) measures 24" x 97".
      >In order to set up the complete layout, I bought two 4' folding tables which
      >means that there is a 1/2" overhang on both ends. I'm hoping to unveil the
      >third suitcase, Centre Val Ease, next February at the Great American Train
      >Show in Portland, Oregon.
      >Which brings me to your question about the Springfield, MA show. I have
      >heard many great things about this show, mainly from N scalers. When I
      >lived in Qu´┐Żbec City, I was tempted to go but bad weather on both occasions
      >forced me to cancel. Unfortunately, I am unable to take the layout onto
      >airlines as checked baggage. The customer service people of the major
      >carriers have told me that the chances of the layout arriving intact are 0
      >or worse! I would have to get special permission to take them into the
      >cabin which I haven't tried yet or pay a supplement (the price of a second
      >seat I have been informed)! I may try to convince AA to sponsor the layout
      >so that I can get to the Z meet in Dallas next April, who knows?
      >So I participate in train shows that are within a day's driving distance (8
      >hours max). From Vancouver, that means that I can get as far North as
      >Prince George, BC...as far West as Victoria or Nanaimo, BC...as far East as
      >Revelstoke, BC...as far South as Eugene, OR and as far South East as
      >Spokane, WA and points in between.
      >Sorry that we won't see each other in Springfield, although I sure hope that
      >you get to go.
      >Take care, Pete,
      >Jeffrey MacHan
      >>From: pleahy@...
      >>Subject: Re: [z_scale] www.Val-Ease-Central.Com
      >>Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 21:34:22 -0500
      >>Thanks Jeffery!
      >>I know what you mean, I have been hemming and hawing about putting up a
      >>site for some time now. I just don't have the time!
      >>Another question, I know you travel to a lot of shows, any chance you might
      >>attend the big annual train show on Feb 5&6th in Springfield, MA? I try not
      >>to miss it each year(though I wan't sure about this year due to an
      >>upcomming kidney transplant on the 17th) It is usually a great shoe and
      >>they expanded it to three building this year. Here is the URL:
      >>They claim every scale will be represented, though last year there wasn't
      >>any Z. There were some great N scale layouts though.
      >>CraZy 'bout Zee!
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