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Re: [Z_Scale] pulling power of D51 (was:Ztrack Now Accepting Challenger Reservations)

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  • Reynard Wellman
    Hi Arnim, Thank you for the link to the Wiki picture of the D51 in operation in the Okoba mountains of Japan. A true rail-fan photograph. I test all my
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 11, 2010
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      Hi Arnim,
      Thank you for the link to the Wiki picture of the D51 in operation
      in the Okoba mountains of Japan. A true rail-fan photograph.

      I test all my locomotives now on the new MTL roadbed track.
      This is not a scenic layout but it is a large oval with "S" curves,
      sidings, passing tracks, MTL turnouts and is intended for testing only.
      It provides a good estimation of Z scale engine performance.
      You are correct, the D51 is the very reliable. However, the strongest
      steam engine I have tested is the brass AZL GS4 SP Daylight,
      yet it too, bounces around in the turnouts in the most unrealistic
      manner I have ever seen. The D51 also bumps slightly in
      the MTL frog but with much less drama.

      I rate the Marklin Mikado performance as average because
      the pilot wheels on their Mikado, even with added weight,
      often derail along the MTL turnout frogs. This also happens in
      Marklins' own turnouts so I put this blame solely on the
      their wheelset design.

      It appears that the wheelsets of the Tenshodo D51 Mikados
      are excellently designed as I have yet to experience any
      spontaneous derailments. This is a serious improvement for
      Z scale steam locomotives! Also, I restate: The all-wheel
      electrical pickup, including the tender, puts this little engine
      at the top of the Z scale steamer performance list.

      (Other users results may vary, but I doubt it).

      warm regardZ,
      On Mar 11, 2010, at 1:37 AM, Arnim v. Herff wrote:

      > Am Donnerstag, 11. M�rz 2010 08:26:03 schrieb Reynard Wellman:
      > > BTW, the Tenshodo D51 that you will be carrying is
      > > very light weight and can only manage about 8 cars
      > > at a time, however it is the best running (lighted) Z scale steam
      > > locomotive that I have so far experienced. Beautiful
      > > drive-rod mechanisms too.
      > Hi Reynard.
      > Yesterday I did some test-runs on a small MTL-track circle with my
      > Tenshodo
      > 81101: Six ProZ lighted sleeping-coaches and six ProZ loaded
      > container-cars,
      > all in all 48 axles. I had no more space on track for more cars.
      > But the
      > point: The locomotive pulled it all without problems (hooked on the
      > front
      > coupler, see below). It seems it could handle much more cars and
      > drove in the
      > same manner, no matter if loaded with the cars or as single. OK,
      > there were
      > no grades, points or crossings, but I think it works better than
      > most "big M"
      > steamers.
      > (BTW, look here for prototype operation:
      > http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/
      > File:JRN_D51_SteamLoco_Double_header_at_okoba_loop.jpg
      > So driving approx. 48 axles over the hill needed two D51 in reality
      > too. ;-))
      > Only problem is the rear coupler of the model. As it could observed
      > in the
      > video by Garth on Youtube too, it slips over the coupler of the
      > hooked car in
      > many cases. It seems there is too much slackness in upper
      > direction. Does
      > someone know a hack to fix the problem?
      > All the best
      > Arnim

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