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Re: [Z_Scale] ProZ and T-gauge on sale!

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  • Randall Smidt
    Alex, Could you get me one (1) of the #PZ1-005 sets and two (2) of the T-gauge sets, please.  Does anyone have the Akia truss bridge still?  I m looking for
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 24, 2009

      Could you get me one (1) of the #PZ1-005 sets and two (2) of the T-gauge sets, please.  Does anyone have the Akia truss bridge still?  I'm looking for that as well.

      USPS priority mail is ok.  I can pay by check or by PayPal, whichever is easier for you.

      Randy Smidt

      --- On Wed, 12/23/09, Alex <butasama@...> wrote:

      From: Alex <butasama@...>
      Subject: [Z_Scale] ProZ and T-gauge on sale!
      To: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, December 23, 2009, 6:09 AM


      One of the local hobby shops is closing down. All stock is 50% off!

      I picked up a ProZ EF65 locomotive in two-tone blue (Freight color) with 6 container flat-cars, #PZ1-005, for 8,200 yen. That's about US$91.00!

      There are a few more of these sets, plus the other freight set with the loco in the brown color. They also have some of the EF65 with the passenger and sleeping car set.

      I think there were some of the freight sets without the EF65 locomotive. These sets contain six flat-cars with five containers on each flat-car.

      AND... T-gauge. All the sets are available at 50% off. Plus, almost all of the T-gauge accessories.

      So, here is my offer. If anyone is interested in any of these items, I am willing to get them for you, while this sale is going on. I figure you have about 24 ~ 48 hours to let me know what you want. I am not going to sell these for a profit. I'm making this as a friendly offer. All I'm asking is, if you tell me you want something, that you will follow through with the payment.

      I was only at the shop for a few minutes, so I cannot be sure what they have available or not. Please do not ask me to go check to see what they have, because by the time I get home, send you an e-mail, you reply, I go back to the store... they probably won't have it. Just let me know what you want and I will try to get it for you. I'll do my best.

      If you have a U.S. address, I can send everything by U.S. Postal Service from a military base. If you have a non-U.S. address, I can ship by Japan Post. I also ask that you pay for the postage of your choice... Priority Service or First Class by USPS, or EMS by Japan Post. Shipping will depend on weight and service, but I'm guessing between $7.00 ~ $15.00. If you want insurance or tracking or delivery confirmation. .. all that is extra and at your expense.

      I am not going to buy sets and list them on feeBay. You will just have to trust me, as I am trusting you. I have bought and sent train items to Garth Hamilton in Canada. Garth is the moderator of this group. I will assume he is willing to vouche for my good character. There are a few folks that also know me from the other yahoo Z group and from Z Central Station.

      I will accept payment by PayPal, personal check or U.S. Postal Money Order. If you prefer to use PayPal, I will ask you to cover the percentage that PayPal charges me for sending me the payment. If you send me a personal check, we have to wait until I receive the check and it clears deposit... then, I send your items.

      Please feel free to ask me any questions. Please contact me directly at techrepjapan @ yahoo.com

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