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Re : [Z_Scale] Suggested track radius product

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  • de Champeaux Dominique
    Happy that Z scale gave up the cute or so small qualifying, thanks to smaller scale taking the relay! About sectional track that s true, manufacturers
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      Happy that Z scale gave up the "cute" or "so small" qualifying, thanks to smaller scale taking the relay! About sectional track that's true, manufacturers still forget the medium range market regarding curve radii. Myself I wasn't able to wait for such a release and I used MTL flextrack allowing me to build 14"/35cm curve radii on my current layout. MTL flex is definitly very easy to use and allows all curve / straight track combinations.

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      De: Ken Armstrong <kenarm322@...>
      Objet: [Z_Scale] Suggested track radius product
      À: z_scale@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Mercredi 23 Décembre 2009, 14h54


      Having recently built a small layout with MT Micro- Track, I suggest
      Micro-Trains and other makers of track bring out 300mm radius curves.
      This is mid way between the 195 and 490mm radii they already have and is
      just under 12 in radius (11.8). A 24 in circle would fit well on most
      small layouts and work well in larger ones.

      Marklin could do the same but I doubt they are in position to create new
      products at this time; but soon we hope. Of course there are other
      products we need if larger layouts are to be built with MIcro-Track:
      larger turnouts and crossovers to name two. Still the 300mm curve fills
      a gap in the sectional track market, and I believe it would be popular
      and useful.

      Thank you for asking: the layout was for our club as a demonstration of
      Z-scale. It is a simple loop with two opposing sidings so a train
      leaving one siding can pull into the other after going around the loop
      through a couple mountains and over a river. Was rushed to get it done
      before the show but it is functional. Has no scenery however except the
      bridge and mountains. Ran very well with lots of positive interest. We
      put it in the same room as the No.1 scale trains so it was a good
      contrast. Had some trouble at first with engines stalling in the
      turnouts until I filed the guard rails and frogs wider to prevent the
      wheel flanges from binding. Surprisingly my Marklin engines ran better
      through the switches than the MT ones.

      Also had a loop of T-gauge (1:440) with a train which ran well and got
      many comments, mostly "Is'nt that cute!" or "Now that really is too
      small!" It is fun to play with and is a nice demo but does not run well
      enough for prime time. There are no turnouts available and the engines
      are balky and derail in a high wind or after a cross-eyed look.

      A Happy Christmas SeaZon to all!

      Ken Armstrong
      Irmo, SC

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